Weeds Episode Recap: “Pinwheels and Whirligigs”

2 Jan

Please somebody hunt the Botwin-Newmans down and kill them in cold blood. Because this season SUCKS.

The Botwins are on the run while Doug tags along. He is only in this episode in order to serves as the babysitter while the family wanders around a crap fair in Montana when they decide to take what they believe is a well-deserved break from being on the run.

Silas and Andy enter a butter-sculpture eating contest that was so disgusting I almost couldn’t watch. They win a dream RV to help them escape, but they are supposed to give tax identification and obviously can’t so they must leave without their prize. Shane gets a short lecture by Nancy about not growing up to be a psychopath.

I’m sure they were supposed to have a ‘nice break’ going to the fair. I just couldn’t wait until they got back in the car and left. The problem is, they’ve made it to next week. The previews promise that Nancy needs to get laid so maybe there is hope. But this season, I highly doubt it.

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