Can Christian Slater Break In to TV Comedy?

22 Apr

Breaking InBreaking In, Fox’s newest comedy (and mid-season replacement) starring 1980s and 1990s bad boy Christian Slater, is actually… funny and amusing. Not that I doubted Slater’s performance abilities. It’s just that I’m hard to please. Thanks to Apple’s iTunes sneak peak and pilot available right now (its free, go on, I dare you to download it – you won’t be sorry and if you are, I’m doubting your ability to have any sense of humor), I became a quick fan. I’m only sorry there are just 6 episodes for this season’s order.

It’s a simple premise, Oz (Christian Slater) “recruits” (ok…blackmails) straight-man computer hacker Cameron Price (Bret Harrison) to become the newest member of his highly-specialized team of um… experts for his business, Contra Security. There Cameron meets his newest workplace buddies including the hot break-in expert Melanie (Odette Annable) and fanboy, stalker of William Shatner and all-around logistics expert Cash (Alphonso McAuley).

The second episode, “Tis Better to Have Loved and Flossed,” guest-stars Alyssa Milano (it really is an 80s reunion of sorts). I didn’t even recognize her! I will say that I was just as entertained with this episode as I was with the pilot, which is increasingly not the case with so many shows. I’m not naming names but between us, Fairly Legal comes to mind.

You can also check out both episodes for free on Fox’s website so go take a look because this show is worth renewing. Hint Hint Fox Executives!

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