True Blood is back and hopefully bloodier than ever

1 Jul

I didn’t start watching True Blood until early last year.  I’m not sure why I avoided it because I usually like vampire shows.  Dark Shadows was my favorite soap opera/tv show when I was about 7 years old.  I used to sneak home from school at lunch to watch Barnabus Collins, that misunderstood vampire of the 1960s, struggle with his existence as a monster and a man.  Barnabus was not Eric Northman, he wasn’t in the least bit hot really, but I had a crush on him just the same.  He was at once deadly and misunderstood.  A fatal combination for any sick little girl who would grow up only to be interested in emotionally unavailable men.  I guess I can partially blame Barnabus for any negative fixations.  Any psychologist would tell you that I’m passing along blame and if I were a fully formed human (which I never hope to be) I would embrace the realm of the mundane.  Thankfully, I’ll never be able to do that.  I’d rather succumb to a vampire bite.  Which brings me to the subject at hand – the season 4 premiere of True Blood.

[Spoiler Alert:  I’m going to talk freely about the first episode so do not read any further if you haven’t watched and you’re one of those people who can’t handle knowing what happens.]  I was worried at the end of last season.  Sookie ran off to be with her new family – the fairies.  I couldn’t imagine what the hell they were going to do with that.  I didn’t sign on for fairies.  I signed on for angry, hot violent vampires and a lot of steamy violent vampire sex.  Come on, why else are any of us watching?  But true to form, True Blood held up its end of the bargain and didn’t disappoint.  We see fairyland isn’t all its cracked up to be and Sookie escapes with her Grandfather (Gary Cole – I LOVE Gary Cole and if you haven’t, you must watch American Gothic with Gary Cole shining through as the most evil Sheriff ever).

Sookie no sooner escapes from Land of the Fairies (unfortunately Gary Cole who plays her grandfather quickly disintegrates on the earthly realm but we can’t have everything) than she discovers a few disturbing things.  She’s been missing for almost a year.  Her brother, Jason, sold her house.  Sookie, being a slightly more aggressive Sookie, moves back in and decides she’ll simply buy it back.  Everyone is annoyed with her as she can’t tell them she was in Fairyland so she claims she was helping Bill on Vampire Business.  Speaking of Bill, he’s finally grown a pair and is now King of the Vampires.  I did feel sort of betrayed by Bill (for Sookie) when she goes to see him and he’s been lunching on and sleeping with one of his minions who also serves as a spy for him.  Now I will feel completely justified when Sookie sleeps with Eric Northman which better happen this season!!!

Eric, it appears, is the only one in Bon Temps who not only truly cares about Sookie, but hasn’t given up on her.  You will see more in the second episode of the season which is available to view online if you have an HBO subscription.  Check out HBO GO for more details.  Let’s just say, Eric might be a violent evil vampire but we all know he cares for Sookie, and this season, let’s hope its better than t he disappointing way Bill ‘cared for’ Sookie before she took a powder to Fairyland.

While the main love triangle of Sookie/Bill/Eric is still at the centerpiece of the narrative, there is more going on in Bon Temps this season.  Namely… a witch has come to town and it seems the Merlotte’s waitresses and crew are in the coven.  Jesus brings Lafayette to a meeting and it becomes clear this year is going to be witch’s for Lafayette.  It’s always something with that guy.  Tara is still around.  Now she’s a fist-fighting lesbian in New Orleans who makes her way home once she hears Sookie’s alive.  She might be joining the coven though.  I truly hope something interesting happens with Tara and she’s no longer a victim because after three seasons, that’s old news.

Arlene and Terry seem to have a mini Dexter on their hands.  Their demon seed infant (don’t forget he was spawned by Arlene’s previous fiance, the town murderer), decapitates Barbie dolls and stares so hard at his new mommy her eye bursts a vessel.  I wonder if there will be an act of infanticide this season.  Probably not, as the evil baby is more interesting alive than dead; however if Arlene did try to kill him and he wouldn’t die, that would peak my interest.

Finally, Hoyt and Jessica are back.  Living in domestic… well, they are in a slump.  It’s what always happens when expectations are too high or even too low.  Hoyt expects Jessica to cook and clean because he’s working.  I guess he didn’t get the memo that vampires don’t really do the domestic thing.  Jessica’s becoming disillusioned with his expectations and already getting ready to cheat.  It just sucks (no pun intended, really) that she has to lose her virginity every time she has sex since don’t forget, she died a virgin.  So, if any of you are planning on becoming vampires, there’s a lesson learned for any females.  Jessica has Pam to talk her through some of her angst but I suspect only some hard core sex and violence will do for Jessica’s growing appetite for anything beyond the mundane.

It looks like it’s shaping up to be a good season.  Ok, Alan Ball.   Do not disappoint us.

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