True Blood: You Smell Like Dinner

19 Jul
Eric Northman

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I’m both excited and a bit apprehensive about this season.  Things have changed.  Bill is most definitely different.  He’s got more of a personality.   If we had just gotten a bit more of this season’s Bill last season, I might have cared about him more.  I am a bit confused by the lack of interest he seems to have in Sookie especially with all his pledges of undying love for the previous seasons.  This does, however, allow, us, the loyal viewers, the ability to identify a bit more with Eric, although by the end of this episode, even that will be challenged.

Jason.  Jason.   Jason.   He just does not have any common sense.  But he seemingly has working sperm and that’s something the werepanther clan is interested in and Crystal, his ‘true’ love, has figured out how to get him into the fold and have as much sex with him as she pleases since Felton is shooting blanks.  I guess they had to give Jason some sort of supernatural power as he is lacking in the brains department.  I think poor Jason will always just be eye candy.

Some people have complained to me that they don’t like the wimpy Eric.  I don’t think they have to worry for long.  Eric will most likely be a bit more human long enough for Sookie to relax a bit around him and let him in, otherwise, I’m sure Eric will be Eric.  How can he not be?  If he became a nice guy, it would not be the same show.  Fans love Eric for his evil ways.  He’s the bad boy vampire to Bill’s good boy vampire.  You have to have a yin and yang or the show won’t work so I wouldn’t fear for long.

I was a bit surprised to see they brought Alcide back in the mix.  Honestly, three love interests for Sookie?  Even if Bill seems to have gone off her, everyone knows that relationship will never be completely over.  Maybe it will be a pissing contest between Alcide and Eric this season.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Finally, the witches.  Ugh.  I am aware there has to be a new supernatural foil to our vampires we love and we’ve already had the werewolves.  The werepanthers have been introduced.  And we had to deal with entire season of that ridiculous woman beast so I guess it was time for witches.  I will say this:  they did kick Eric’s ass and that really hasn’t been done yet.  And… just as I predicted, a bit of bad boy Eric does come out at the end of this episode… when he accidentally ‘drinks’ too much blood from Sookie’s fairy godmother, killing her without hesitation.

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