True Blood: I Wish I was the Moon

4 Aug

On True Blood‘s “I Wish I was the Moon”… It’s a full moon in Bon Temps and all the freaks are out.  Really.  Skinwalkers (that would be Tommy who killed his parents and gained this ability), aspiring werepanthers (is Jason or isn’t he?), misunderstood vampires (Eric – kind and gentle, enjoy it while you can), rotting vampires (Pam who will not be a victim for long), waffling vampires (Bill who can’t decide what to do with Eric because of his feelings for Sookie), and the rest of the nutjobs in Bon Temps.  At this point, I don’t think there’s one sane one to be found in the lot of them.  But let’s face it, sane is boring.


I’m still not a Tommy fan and this episode only increases my dislike for him, as he shifts into Sam (who does an excellent job of channeling Tommy in the scenes) and wrecks havoc on his life, including sleeping with the new shapeshifter chick, firing Sookie (yes she does take far too much time off), promoting Jessica and just being a jerk in general.  Sam spends this episode dealing with the fallout of the fire that Baby Mikey or the Ghost/Spirit attached to the evil doll caused at the end of the previous episode.

Sometimes I think of Jason’s scenes as comedy relief.  He spends half the episode (or it seems that long), trying to avoid becoming a werepanther.  Sookie tries to help but loses him in the woods, although she does run into Alcide and Debbie and discovers that the way Crystal tried to turn him into a werepanther reportedly won’t work.  Instead, Jessica senses Jason’s fear and despair and leaves her job at Merlotte’s, and Tara in the middle of ordering her meal, to go help Jason.  My favorite moment was when Jessica calms Jason down by telling him to “focus on something soothing” and he fixates on her breasts.   So far, it looks like Jason’s not a werepanther.  I hope that holds true for the rest of the season.  Finally, it’s obvious that something is going on between Jason and Jessica.  And for those unsure about this, their agreement to not tell Hoyt about their therapeutic rendezvous confirms any suspicions.

As for the new supernaturals on the show, the witches, Marnie has managed to channel and become possessed by Antonia.  I want to feel terrible for Antonia.  I honestly do, but because she has attacked Eric and Pam, I just don’t have any sympathy for her.  Maybe she’ll just end up killing the vampire who tortured her during the Inquisition, who is now on the security team of the VLA.  I can’t decide which storyline I’m less into:  the witches or the shape shifters.  Or Tara and her girlfriend.  Oh, that’s a bright spot.  Pam is released by Bill and she goes after Tara.  And the girlfriend.  I hope there’s damage done.  I can’t wait to find out what supernatural abilities the girlfriend has.  This is True Blood, after all.

Finally, Sookie, Eric and Bill.  Sookie and Eric finally consummate their union.  That sounds so formal.  It wasn’t as hot as I’d hoped it would be.  I’d been waiting for so long.  I get it.  Eric’s supposed to be in love with her so he was tender and caring but that just goes against Eric’s makeup.  I’m sure it won’t be long now until Eric becomes ‘bad Eric’ again and that should spice things up between him and Sookie.  And Bill… it’s obvious he’s not over Sookie.  It was surprising for his character (but obviously not for the logic of the plot) that he doesn’t kill Eric when he gets granted the ability to kill Eric with the ‘true death.’  Bill realizes it would be the wrong thing to do after it becomes clear Eric truly loves Sookie.

I’m looking forward to things heating up next week.  Because they kind of need to…

You can go to HBO’s promo for this episode here.

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