True Blood: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

9 Aug


Antonia/Marnie is on a rampage.  I suppose if you’d been brutally raped and ravaged by heartless vampires during the Spanish Inquisition, and you were an extremely powerful witch, you might exact your revenge as well, given the chance.  First, she has Sheriff Patiño kill Katie, who infiltrated Marnie’s coven as a spy for Bill.  Then she escapes back to the witch shop.  Because nobody would go looking for her there?  Why isn’t Nan helping with the crisis?  Just wondering…

Poor Pam, first she gets accused of being a vampire-zombie while trying to kill Tara and her girlfriend, but humans are recording the incident for TMZ so Pam retreats.  If that’s not bad enough, she is forced to endure what looks like the worst chemical peel treatments known to (wo)man.  There is a promise her skin will look normal again though.  A steep price to pay but still.  I’m sure many viewers understand.

Alcide and Debbie are getting indoctrinated into a new werewolf pack but Alcide’s worried about Sookie – until he and Debbie spy on Sookie and Eric – still going at it.  My favorite part of the on-going Eric/Sookie sex scene is that we go from them screwing their brains out at the swamp/lake area, then we cut to several different scenes, then to Sookie and Eric somehow screwing their way into her foyer through the front door.  So, I’ve got to wonder exactly how they got home like that.  The implication, obviously, is that sex was substituted for walking which made me laugh so hard I almost couldn’t appreciate the rest of the sex scene which seemed a bit hotter this time around.  Maybe it was Eric’s staying power.

Bill ends up having to kill Sheriff Patiño, who tries to stake him.  He demands to know where Antonia/Marnie went but Patiño helps Bill stake him rather than give up her location.  Again, there is some logic to this one.  I think even Jason might go to the shop.  Speaking of Jason, Hoyt visits him to talk about his problems with Jessica.  Not the best idea.  He also tries to be there for Jason, reminding him he was raped and he could be a werepanther but Jason’s far more concerned about his desire for Jessica than anything else.

Tara breaks up with the girlfriend.  She cries.  Then she joins Antonia in exacting revenge on vampires.  Here we go again.  Tara just flits from storyline to storyline.  She’s more of a plot device than a character.

Lafayette discovers he is a medium.  Let’s hope they do something interesting with that one.

I know I was relieved to see that Sookie and Eric had finally taken a break from all that sex.  Of course then they had their discussion about Sookie wanting Eric to remember but Eric being scared he’d turn into a jerk again.  If only every male took a lesson from this scene!  When Bill visits later to bring chains and explain the witch situation to Sookie, everyone actually acts like an adult.  Shocking!  Of course, their lives are on the line so it’s nice to see they can sometimes prioritize.

Bill has decided that all vampires must flee Louisiana or ‘silver themselves’ until Antonia’s spell has passed and the desire to go out into the sun will dissipate.  Sookie silvers Eric.  Bill silvers Jessica and then has himself taken care of.  Pam is silvered as well.  All the vampires who count.  Bill and Jessica have a significant conversation about her realization that she’s fallen out of love with Hoyt and she feels terrible about it.  Of course, poor Jessica has fallen into a place called the Land of Resentment.  It’s a popular place for women in their early 20s and sometimes they don’t leave until they’re 40.  I’ve seen it happen before.  Once the guys start expecting the women to act domestic when they are living together (or married), the women start to resent it, then they resent the men, then it all falls apart.

While all the preparations for not dying in the sun are taking place, Sam is helping Tommy, until he realizes what Tommy pulled last week.  It looks like Tommy’s in the dog house.  I almost feel sorry for him.  Almost.  But now there’s Jessica to worry about.  Because she manages to get out of her silver (Bill didn’t put it on as tight for her because she’s such a young vampire and he didn’t want her to suffer through all the pain of the silver).  And as the episode ends, she manages to break through the front doors and let the sunlight in – just as Jason is running to stop her and save her.  Will he make it in time?  We won’t know until next week.

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