Breaking Bad: Bullet Points Recap

11 Aug


We are with Mike, in a refrigerated truck.  Gus’s chicken truck has been made.    A rival drug cartel opens fire on the truck and we aren’t sure Mike can survive the attack… until, the two guys with the automatic weapons get blown away by Mike.  Now, he is slightly wounded but I’m not going to tell you how because it is worth watching where the wound is and his reaction.  It’s one of the best moments in the episode.

Skyler still needs more control, this time she wants to make sure their cover story (that Walt made all his money because his won loads at gambling and is now in recovery) checks out.  Walt gets annoyed with her and yes, they do need to cover all their tracks but when Skyler gives Walt a script with bullet points (hence the name of the episode), to memorize what he needs to remember to keep up his cover story, it becomes clear that Walt must live by these bullet points to survive in the normal world.  Also, an ironic title, as Walt is continually threatened by real bullets in many episodes.

Walt and Skyler, along with Junior, have dinner with Hank and Marie.  Junior is proud that his dad is a gambler.  If he only knew!   I’m sure he’d be out selling for his dad.  The most uncomfortable and poignant scene comes when Walt and Junior are hanging out with Hank looking at the mineral collection.  Hank decides to pull out the file on Gale’s death and asks Walt to put on the DVD of Gale doing karaoke.  Hank and Junior laugh, while Walt looks physically ill.  Not only from how close Hank is to discovering him but the sad irony that this man who was a meth cooker was also a nice, goofy guy, and now in his death, ordered by none other than Walt, is being laughed at by Walt’s own family.  Later, Walt and Hank discuss the case further.  Hank throws some ideas out at Walt, who is literally holding his breath as he listens to Hank’s obsession of hunting ‘him’ down.  Right now, Hank is wondering if Gale is the elusive “Heisenberg” character that Hank created as his alter persona, the ruthless meth/cooker dealer who has changed the landscape of crystal meth quality in New Mexico. Walt knows he needs to do something – but what?

Walt goes to Jesse’s and discovers his never-ending party.  Jesse doesn’t care what’s happening.  He’s far too wasted to function effectively at this point.  Jesse’s so freaked out by Walt’s interrogation of what happened when he shot Gale that he pays two crackheads to throw Walt out.  A bit later, Jesse gets robbed by one of his residents and Mike visits.  Mike recovers the cash and then goes to Gus, voicing his concerns about Jesse’s ability to function under his current state.

Later, Walt notices Jesse is missing from work and goes back to the house.  It’s empty of all crackheads, and it’s also missing Jesse.  We cut to Jesse being driven down a lonesome New Mexico highway, by Mike, heading into the unknown.

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2 Responses to “Breaking Bad: Bullet Points Recap”

  1. darci August 16, 2011 at 2:01 am #

    I think this is the episode that is turning the season towards how they promoted it – seems like everything is really getting going now and they’re upping the ante on action…I’m interested to see what is gonna happen with Jesse for sure.

    I love when Walter busted into Jesse’s trashy little party and confronts him about how they plan to deal with the fallout from the murder of Gale (you can watch at ). Great song, too (“Flyentology” by El-P) that is such an intense song for such an intense scene

    • romistepovich August 20, 2011 at 5:35 am #

      Yes, it took awhile but I think this episode is touching off everything that will happen for the rest of the season as well. It’s certainly setting up Jesse to go through a major emotional upheaval and either die or thrive if he survives whatever Mike and Gus have planned for him. I’m glad to see there is some action moving Jesse forward. That was getting so depressing in his house with that never-ending party! I realize it was reflecting his mental state, etc. but it was really starting to get to me. And yes, that’s a great song for that particular scene between Walter and Jesse. Thanks for the comments!

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