True Blood: Spellbound Review

17 Aug

Things are heating up in Bon Temps and True Blood is living up to its promise of lots of sex and death.  At least for Jessica!  Spoiler Alert!

We start the episode right where the previous episode left off, with Jessica standing in the blinding sunlight, but before she can burst into flames, Jason tackles her and gets her safely back into the house without too much incident.  Ok.  He did have to shoot a guard in the shoulder.  Jessica is so grateful, she kisses him.  And the damage is done.  There’s an even stronger bond between the two now that we witness as Jason carries Jessica up the stairs and gently and lovingly (yes, really) re-silvers her.  If that isn’t enough, Jessica has a dream (but we don’t know it’s a dream until after) and breaks up with Hoyt, who begs her to stay, threatening he will die without her.  He gets so annoying she slams his head off a shelf or counter (I honestly couldn’t tell what it was) and kills him, splattering herself with his blood in the process.  She runs out to Jason, who is waiting for her in the truck.  He gets turned on seeing her covered in blood and tells her they need to have sex immediately in the truck.  Jessica wakes up with her fangs out.   Later, Jessica does go to break up with Hoyt but he ends up breaking it off with her and he rescinds her invitation into the house.  She goes straight to Jason who then tells her they can’t be together since Hoyt is his best friend and he rescinds his invitation to her and once again she’s thrown out of the house.  It’s been a bad 24 hours for Jessica, but at least she’s alive.  She just might be extremely sexually frustrated.  This Jessica/Jason/Hoyt triangle is heating up and this is just the beginning.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks.

While Jason might be abstaining, Sookie is going wild with Eric.  And you know it’s all going to end soon since we are into the third episode of their sexual escapades.  Things are going to get bad very fast, I’m guessing, since nobody gets to be that happy and sexually satisfied on this show.  Sookie allows Eric to drink some of her blood to heal his wounds from the silver and then he bites his hand and tells her that “they will become one” and she drinks his blood.  They then have sex for what will be the final time in a while, I’m guessing, considering it was sex on a V/Faerie Blood trip.  I’m actually sad to see it end because it was nice to see nice Eric.  Yes, I know evil Eric is far more exciting sometimes but nice Eric had his good points.

Sam visits Shifter Chick and her daugther.  Yes, I know I should know her name (okay it is Luna) but I just prefer to think of her as Shifter Chick.  Werewolf Pack Leader Dude shows up as he’s Shifter Chick’s ex-husband and faces off with Sam.  I’m sure there will be more posturing and wild animal fights to follow as we proceed through the season.  And Tommy pretends to be Hoyt’s mother and gets a check for mineral rights on her property.  Bad Tommy.  But is anyone really surprised?

Lafayette dreams of the Creole Lady, who is actually named Mavis and we discover she had a white lover in the 1930s who killed their baby because he was married and the baby had a black mother.  Lafayette wakes up in time to experience Mavis inhabiting his body.  She then uses Lafayette to sneak into the Bellefleur mansion and kidnap baby Mikey (taking Andy’s gun as he and everyone else sleeps).  I can’t wait to see how that storyline plays out.

Bill is busy negotiating a meeting with Antonia/Marnie for a truce.  He calls on Eric for help.  Sookie comes along and there is a face-off of witches vs. vampires in the graveyard.  Antonia is supposed to lift the spell for Eric and Pam and stop her attacks.  Sookie hears her start to say a spell in her head and warns Bill.  A deadly battle ensues.  Pam almost gets to kill Tara but Bill commands her to stop.  Pam gets pissed and Tara’s surprised.  She shouldn’t have been as Bill might be a bit boring sometimes (less so lately) but he tries to do the right thing when he can.  Eric becomes Antonia’s bitch.  She has him under her spell.  Sookie gets attacked by a witch and fights him off with her power, only to be shot by another witch.  Bill gets silvered and neutralized so he can’t help.  Lucky for Sookie, Alcide anticipates a problem and shows up, just in time to save her.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t notice a very angry, jealous Debbie has followed him.

Next week should be good, considering Eric won’t be able to help Sookie recover.  In the teaser, it looks like Bill might be helping.  Along with Alcide.  Debbie will, I’m certain, have something in store for Sookie.  It looks like the witches have only just begun their Reign of Terror in Bon Temps.

Watch Inside the Episode on HBO for an in-depth look at the episode.

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  1. hotshot bald cop August 30, 2011 at 4:01 am #

    My ideas exactly!

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