True Blood: Let’s Get Out of Here Episode Review

31 Aug


Only True Blood can address wayward spirits, unsatisfied virgins, shape shifter issues and repercussions and sexual politics and double standards in one episode.  It’s probably why I like this show so much.

We begin with Bill and Alcide rushing Sookie to her house and Bill trying to get Sookie to take his blood to heal.  I’m honestly not quite sure how Bill managed to get away but I’ll just go with it.  I also love how we don’t see Sookie actually taking blood, and we are left to wonder if Alcide and Bill did pray as Bill suggested.  Which was a great opening scene considering how evil werewolves and vampires are supposed to be.  But that is what this show is about.  Monsters with humanity and humans who can be monsters.  And all the individuals who fall in between.  Sookie obviously takes the blood and the first thing she asks Bill about is Eric.  Ok, that’s awkward but even more awkward is that it is obvious she still cares for him.  Alcide leaves.  Bill tells Sookie to get some rest.  Like that will ever happen in Bon Temps.

Sookie has a dream… this dream, I know, is supposed to be, at least according the the show’s producers, very enlightened.  They feel they are empowering women because Sookie dreams that she loves Eric and Bill.  She then demands they both have an equal relationship with her and share.  This moment is supposed to be a great moment for the female viewers, finally getting their chance to be like men and demand they do what they like sexually.  Ok… seriously Alan Ball, if you want to do this then put it in the fucking real story line.  What is so empowering about a dream on TV in a narrative?  It’s the safe way to say something.  This is HBO.  I pay a lot per month for you guys to take chances and with the female’s sexual desire, I don’t care what you’re claiming, you are playing it safe by having this scene play out in a dream.  Now, honestly, I don’t know what woman in her right mind would want to juggle two men.  One man is hard enough.  Two would be such a time sucker in reality Sookie would probably gain weight and start looking and feeling haggard with all the emotional demands of Bill and Eric.  I’m guessing this is why you don’t always see women so avidly keeping one guy on the side.  They usually make a decision:  one or the other.  Maybe women just know that there truly is no such thing as having their cake and eating it too.  There’s always a price to pay.  Besides if men did all housework, cleaning, grocery shopping, bill paying equally (yes I know some of you actually do this), they wouldn’t have time or energy to go out looking for even more sex.  But I digress from the episode recap…

Sookie gets a visit from Debbie, who offers to help Sookie out with her problem with Antonia and locating Eric.  Debbie figures the sooner Sookie is back with Eric, the sooner Alcide will keep focused on her.  Or perhaps it’s even more sinister than that.  I’d like to give Debbie the benefit of the doubt but she’s an emotionally insecure V addict.  What we soon discover as Debby distracts Antonia while Sookie breaks into the witch shop, is that Debbie is really there to sell out Sookie and get her killed.  Debbie runs for it and Sookie doesn’t notice since she has found Eric who is under Antonia’s spell and is more robot-like than ever.  She does discover, though, that Eric is supposed to kill Bill.  Oh no.  Sookie escapes Antonia thanks to Tara and catches Debbie trying to flee.

Jessica pours her heart out to Nan, who looks like she’d like to send Jessica to the true death or at least silver her to shut up.  Jessica does get her chance with Jason later.  Hoyt asks Jason to return Jessica’s stuff to her and Jason tries to protest but he ends up at Bill’s and Jessica and Jason end up consummating their relationship, at least sexual one, in the bed of his pickup truck.  I found it amusing how Jessica covers her breasts.  A modest vampire?  Yes, I know.  She’s a perpetual virgin.

A short recap of the drama with Lafayette is that he (as Mavis) goes to Hoyt’s, kicks Hoyt out of the house, and sits there with the baby.  Eventually, Jesus comes and coaxes Mavis out of Lafayette’s body and she goes away with her dead baby in her arms.  I guess this is the heart-warming scene for the episode.

Oh yes, Tommy.  He ends up fighting with Marcus (Luna’s ex) as Sam.  Once he gets the shit beat out of him, they (the werewolves) discover Tommy’s a shifter and Sam still needs a beating (which he does in Marcus’ eyes, especially since he is in the middle of banging Luna).  I am truly hoping something interesting happens with Tommy and Sam.

Finally, Sookie makes it to the Tolerance Rally for vampires.  Nan and Bill are speaking.  Antonia is there with Eric.  There is a show of violence orchestrated by Antonia and her minions (vampires under her spell) and Sookie tears into the room screaming for Bill to “Run!”  So finally, we are going to get a Bill/Eric showdown as Eric swoops in for the attack.  But can Eric be held accountable?  He is under the influence… I’m sure we will find out next episode.

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My Vlog Review of the episode.

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