True Blood: Burning Down the House Episode Review or “When witches go bad…”

4 Sep


This week on True Blood, things are heating up between witches and vampires, shifters and werewolves.  Faeries and vampires and witches.  We are heading toward the season finale and it promises to be – explosive.  We begin this episode in the middle of Antonia/Marnie’s carefully orchestrated attack on the vampires by their own kind at the Tolerance Rally.  Sookie saves the day with her faerie magic, zapping Eric and breaking the spell over him (and Pam we later learn).  She also saves Bill’s life.  Eric realizes what happened.  He and Sookie talk later.  They admit they love each other but she says she has feelings for Bill as well.  [I’m glad to see they decided to take the dream into ‘reality’ and make this dilemma a real part of the narrative.  I am still finding it hard to buy.  Usually there is always secretly a clear winner in these love triangles.  I will be waiting to see who Sookie chooses.  Or, if the plot will pick for her.]  Eric doesn’t have too much time to ponder his nemesis because he is forced to team up with him to try and take down Antonia/Marnie and the entire Moon Goddess Emporium.

Nan and Bill now clash constantly over everything.  He threatens to usurp her power and she threatens him, Eric and Pam with the true death.  If Nan falls apart, the front of the humanized vampire just might collapse and chaos could possibly reign in Louisiana.  In the face of great turmoil, it does seem Nan is not quite the leader she appeared to be in previous seasons.  It looks like poor Nan might be the one facing the true death at the end of the season.

Speaking of true death, poor Tommy bites the dust.  I was actually finding him likable as he was dying.  Yes, I know that says nothing good about me.  I know his heart was in the right place trying to stand up for Sam but he screwed so many things up, and was never truly remorseful, that it was hard to like his character.   Alcide joins Sam in seeking revenge against the pack that killed Tommy – his own pack.  Obviously the werewovles are going to have their own explosive day of reckoning in the near future which will only be worse when Alcide discovers Debbie hooked up with pack leader (and instigator in Tommy’s death), Marcus.  You’ve got to wonder how Luna (and her daughter) will feel if Sam pulls the trigger when he finally tracks him down.

Speaking of sex and betrayal, Jason feels extremely guilty that he is so attracted to Jessica and asks her to glamour him after they’ve had sex.  Because that’s what every girl wants to hear.  That the guy would rather forget it ever happened.  Great move, Jason.  To add to Jason’s guilt, Hoyt asks to stay with him and cries.  Jason solves this problem by going to Sookie and asking if he can crash there for a while.  She agrees but insists he help her stop Bill from destroying the Moon Goddess Emporium since Tara is trapped inside.  He agrees.  They go to Lafayette and Jesus for help.  Jesus is convinced Marnie is a victim until he manages to breach the protective spell Antonia/Marnie has cast.  He learns, as we learned earlier, that Marnie is in charge of the operation and is using Antonia for her deadly purposes.  He lets Sookie hear his thoughts.

In the meantime, throughout the episode, Holly and Tara work on a spell to break the protection spell Antonia/Marnie has cast.  The spell takes just as Sookie, Lafayette and Jason learn (from Jesus’s ‘message’ to Sookie) that Marnie is now bad.  The protection barrier is down.  Holly and Tara make a run for it just as Sookie, Lafayette and Jason run for the shop.  Antonia/Marie is too fast for all of them and casts a new spell and everyone in the perimeter disappears except Jason since he had not breached the barrier.

Finally, Terry confronts Andy about his V use.  Terry takes Andy to an old fort they used to play at when they were kids and where Terry ‘recovered’ from his time in the service.  He helps Andy see how destructive using V actually is and Andy agrees he needs to quit.

Finally, the episode ends after sundown.  Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica are decked out in black, ready for war.  As they empty out of their vans, carrying heavy artillery as weapons, they look like something out of a time warp and what I would envision the A-Team as vampires to look like.  The showdown should be good.  At least, I’m hoping for a lot of violence.  That’s what this show is all about… sometimes.

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