True Blood: Soul of Fire episode review

7 Sep


In this week’s episode of True Blood, “Soul of Fire”, so much happens that it actually feels like a 2 hour long episode.  We begin with the Vampire A-Team getting ready to blow the Moon Goddess Emporium up in smoke while Sookie tries to talk Marnie out of holding everyone hostage.  Jason gets to the vampires in time to make them stop but not before the two best lines of the show are spoken.  First, Jessica notes how much she hates to silver herself stating that “… silvering herself leaves her feeling so pissed off it’s like what PMS used to feel like.”  I’m wondering if Premensyn would calm her down.  It even works when men get into bad moods.  It’s like valium without the prescription.  It does wonders for everyone I know.    Then, after Bill and Eric finally agree not to attack Moon Goddess because Sookie is in there, Pam voices the other great line in this episode, “Do not tell me you would put our species at risk for a gash in a skirt.”  It’s lines like that that make this show so enjoyable to watch.

In terms of Moon Goddess, so much action takes place there this episode, it’s hard to believe any other storylines had a chance.  Marnie/Anontia have a fight but Marnie proves stronger than Antonia, binding Antonia to her.  Lafayette witnesses this and tells everyone Marnie’s even more powerful and they are screwed.  One of the hostages, a girl named Casey, runs for Marnie she’s killed with a knife Marnie psychically wields and stabs her in the heart.  Marnie actually enjoyed the killing.  Sookie notices and looks more worried.  In the meantime, Jesus pretends Casey is barely alive and asks Marnie to let him try to save her, she agrees.   He orders Lafayette to help him with Casey into the bathroom to try and save her.  Once behind closed doors, Jesus reveals his plan: he’s going to create a spell unbinding Marnie and Antonia so Marnie will lose power and they can try and break free.

Outside, Bill is furious and shouts for Antonia to face them without her magic.  She brings Sookie out with her.  She agrees to let Sookie go if Bill and Eric will kill themselves.  They agree.  Sookie is visibly upset (honestly, she could have been more upset… ).  Just before they are about to die, Pam runs for the van, grabs a portable rocket launcher and blasts the power shield/protection spell Marnie’s erected.  Marnie pulls Sookie back into the Emporium and the vampires and Jason recover from the blast.  Jessica has to give Jason her blood because he’s badly injured.  Eric yells at Pam about her stunt.  Inside, Marnie forces everyone to join in a circle, lying and claiming the vampires are going to kill all of them.  They reluctantly join hands and outside, all the vampires are pulled toward the power shield/protection spell barrier but Sookie hears Jason telepathically tell her to make it stop and she manages to use her faerie powers and break the circle and the power to pull Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica to their fiery deaths.  In the meantime, Jesus and Lafayette work on the spell and not a moment too soon since Marnie gets so angry she creates a ring of fire around Sookie who screams for help.  Jesus breaks through the binding spell, Sookie is safe, the vampires break in and first kill Marnie’s minion (Eric rips his heart out and licks some blood off it in true Eric fashion) then Bill shoots Marnie multiple times, finishing her off with a bullet to her head.  Jessica and Jason discuss the fact that their feelings are growing and Jason says now he can’t stop thinking about her with all her blood inside him.  So much drama for one night!

In the meantime there is even more going on.  Marcus takes Emma with him to Alcide‘s house.  He and Debbie discuss whether she will run off with him.  Emma calls Luna who is panicked because she knows Marcus has her daughter.  Luna, Sam and Alcide race to his house.  Sam and Marcus beat each other up.  Sam could kill him but decides not to.  Marcus reaches for a gun and Alcide kills him.  Then he dumps Debbie.

The only person having a good time in Bon Temps or the surrounding area is Andy, who gets, well… sexually assaulted by a faerie in the woods and gets laid.  He’s very pleased with himself and his performance but when he tells Arlene what happened, she thinks he needs to be committed.

If we thought we had seen the last of Marnie, we were so very wrong!  Just as Jesus and Lafayette try to drift off to sleep, Marnie appears and forces her way into Lafayette.  It should be quite a season finale next week.  I wonder who else is going to die…

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