True Blood: And When I Die Episode Review/Season 4 Finale

14 Sep


I’m not sure what to say besides:  I’m underwhelmed.  Possibly that the writers wrote themselves into a corner this season and they couldn’t seem to find their way out?  I’d hoped for something more.  I’m not sure what but something beyond what happened.  Now I’ll admit that there were a couple of high points with some deaths I’d been hoping for.  Other than that, the entire episode felt like it was trying to wrap everything up because it was the season finale.  And seriously?  Making it happen on Halloween?  The first thing they teach you if you take a TV writing class is NEVER to write what they call ‘very special episodes‘ for your samples.  They claim those episodes are better left to the professionals.  Someone should let the professionals know that September 11th is not October 31st, nor does it feel like October 31st here on the East Coast.   The leaves haven’t even changed yet and while it is true there is Halloween candy out at Target and the local Stop and Shop, I’m not even ready to buy it for myself let alone considering Halloween.  It could have been a very special Thanksgiving Episode for all I cared.  Or maybe the Easter Bunny could have taken Marnie down?  I just didn’t see the point.

Jesus and Lafayette/Marnie eat breakfast.  Jesus notices Lafayette’s quiet but doesn’t realize Marnie has possessed him.  I have a hard time believing that.  I realize that Lafayette is the medium but it seems he could at least sense something is terribly wrong.  So, he gets a fork in the hand and he knows he’s screwed.  Should I mention those eggs actually looked really good and made me think more about having breakfast for dinner than worrying about Jesus’s fate?

At the Stackhouse residence, Sookie looks on the floor and sees her dead grandmother there. Her vision is interrupted by Tara.  They are both trying to recover from the night before.

Sam and Hoyt’s mother are at Tommy’s grave.  She tells Sam that he can call her ‘mama’ now.  Just as she leaves, Luna and Emma show up to comfort Sam a bit more.

In yet another section of Bon Temps, Jason visits Hoyt on the job and confesses that he’s slept with Jessica.  Hoyt beats the crap out of him.

Marnie/Lafayette ties Jesus up, informs him that s/he wants his magic, stabs him in the heart, eats the blood.  Marnie gets Jesus’s magic as Jesus dies.  Later, it’s Tara who discovers Jesus, dead, and runs to find Sookie.

Sookie has gone to Merlotte’s.  Sam is there now.  Sookie reminds him that he fired her he tells her he wasn’t quite himself and he rehires her.  This is where we discover that it is Halloween.  Funny everybody but Sookie and Tara seemed to get the memo.  There is a great scene with Arlene and her kids and she tells them if they don’t behave they will be trick-or-treating at the trailer park and getting empty Coors cans and food stamps again.  Now why can’t all the lines be that good?  Patrick, a Marine buddy of Terry’s shows up .  They go off to catch up and we don’t see him again for the rest of the episode.  Couldn’t we just meet him at the beginning of next season?  Later, dead Rene shows up to a terrified Arlene and tells her that Terry’s past will cause danger for her.

Alcide shows up for a drink at Merlotte’s and to get Sookie to be with him.  He says he’s left Debbie and wants to get together with Sookie.  She turns him down.  Sort of.  It does sound like she’s sloppy seconds to Debbie anyway.  She already has enough trouble with Eric and Bill.  A little later, Sookie and Holly are behind Merlotte’s.  Holly’s getting stoned.  Tara pulls up explains what happened to Jesus and Lafayette and they all race to Bill’s mansion in time to see Lafayette/Marnie preparing to light a bonfire around Bill and Eric.  Holly somehow manages to pour sage and other magic-related stuff around everyone as Marnie sets the bonfire alight.  Then Tara, Sookie and Holly chant (who knew both Tara and Sookie were so versatile with powers) and just as Bill and Eric are about to fry like bacon, the fire goes out.  Oh yes, and lots of ghosts come up from the graveyard and Sookie’s grandmother reaches into Lafayette’s throat and grabs Marnie out.  Then we are forced to listen to Antonia try to get Marnie to go to the spirit world which finally happens.  It was just – lame.  Then Sookie asks her Grandmother to stay and for her advice and she says Sookie is better off alone.  So, later, Sookie lets both cripsy vampires feed off her then tells them that she can’t be with either one.  Then walks out the door.  Very empowering, however, kind of boring unless Sookie decides to take the Mildred Pierce route and open up popular restaurants featuring fried foods that appeal to humans and vampires and makes a killing.  Otherwise, she kind of needs a love interest for us to keep watching.

This must be the episode for female empowerment since Jessica then shows up at Jason’s to have sex then announce she doesn’t want a commitment.  Those are famous last words.  Whenever they are uttered, the person claiming that usually ends up changing their mind within a week or two.  And Jason’s line about her feeding off other men is like a prostitute having sex but not kissing was ridiculous.  Okay, so if my fuck buddy just told me that I was like a prostitute, I’m not sure I’d take it with the same ease Jessica did, but then again maybe she’s too young and Jason’s too naive to realize he delivered a backhanded compliment to her.

Now perhaps my only truly favorite moment in the entire episode comes when Pam melts down about Sookie with only lines that Pam can deliver including her ridiculing Sookie and shouting about her “precious faerie vagina” (seriously how did they even come up with that line?) or her unbelievably stupid name.  And I have to agree with Pam there.  The name Sookie is, um, unfortunate.

Later, Jesus visits Lafayette and says he will always be around and they can always talk since Jesus is dead and Lafayette is a medium.  Sounds like the making of a typical dysfunctional relationship.  And if that one isn’t bad enough, Andy brings Holly flowers and confesses that he is a V addict.  Now that’s really the way to start a relationship.

Jason gets a visit from the Reverend Steve Newlin who is now a vampire and at the same time, Alcide discovers an empty spot in a parking garage where Russell Edgington was buried just last season.  Looks like we will get a visit from him next season.

Finally… the rest of the deaths.  Nan visits Bill and Eric.  They seem to be a team now that Sookie has dumped them.  Nan’s been fired and is in the middle of a mutiny against The Authority and the American Vampire League.  She mentions Sookie and next thing we know, Eric has decapitated her henchmen and Bill has killed Nan.  I wonder what The Authority will say about that.

Things aren’t any quieter for Sookie now that she has dumped the two men in her life.  She arrives home to find Debbie waiting for her with a shotgun.  Tara is staying at Sookie’s and tries to save her as Debbie takes a shot.  Part of Tara’s head is blown off.  Sookie kills Debbie in cold blood, although Debbie had it coming.  And that ends Season 4 of True Blood.  I’m wondering how soon Sookie will falter and end up with Eric or Bill.  I feel like I should start a betting pool.

2 Responses to “True Blood: And When I Die Episode Review/Season 4 Finale”

  1. Monster For Rent September 14, 2011 at 7:27 am #

    I agree, it was a very weird episode. It was extra disappointing that it happened to be the finale.

    Holly having the power to subdue Lafayette/Marnie was just silly.

    I just couldn’t help but feel like the writers stayed up too late and then went “oh sh%$!!!”. It just seemed slapped together.

    • romistepovich September 14, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

      I know. I couldn’t believe Holly could spread that stuff in a giant circle without Lafayette/Marnie noticing. And that two-non witches and a junior witch could do that was a huge stretch. It did seem slapped together. I expected more. That would be something I’d expect from Vampire Diaries and network shows, not pay cable…

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