Ringer Pilot Review: Buffy’s not in Sunnydale anymore

18 Sep


Sarah Michelle Gellar is back (finally!) in a new show on the CW, Ringer.  I was a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan so out of pure allegiance to Gellar I decided to watch this show, with some trepidation.  I’m not a fan of using twins.  I find it annoying when I know that it is all trick/digital photography and we are looking at the same actress in dual roles.  I start to think about that more than the story.  So, I had a bit of a problem with the first part of the show, but as soon as Bridget’s twin, Siobhan, takes a powder, I warmed up to the show.  The scene on the boat was so particularly bad that I wondered if I could stomach the whole episode.  I was actually happy and thankful to see one of the twins had disappeared.

Once we begin on Bridget’s journey to impersonate her wealthy, but as we learn, increasingly troubled and dangerous twin, Siobhan, and to hide in her life, things pick up.  While Bridget as Siobhan throws Andrew Martin (Ioan Gruffudd), her husband,  off and unnerves Henry Butler (Kristoffer Polaha) her lover when she dumps him, she grows more confident as the story progresses, becoming more decisive and realizing she must make healthy choices to survive in her new life.  The more Bridget owns Siobhan’s life, the more it seems to spiral out of control.  There are twists and turns for Bridget that she can’t see coming and her newly acquired life becomes just as dangerous as the one she fled.  The moment Bridget is attacked by a hitman and manages to kill him, she realizes she is screwed either way – because the hit, she discovers, was put out on her sister, or so we think.  We can’t be sure because the final scene of the pilot reveals that Siobhan is actually alive in Paris, in contact with somebody who knows the truth, and she wants her sister gone.  I’m hoping I will be in for a wild ride alongside Bridget because I’m ready to be entertained.

Ringer airs Tuesday nights at 9pm on the CW.

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