Sons of Anarchy Episode Review: Booster

19 Sep


Apparently, I should not be looking for an adjunct teaching position in English Composition or Film and TV.  I have seen the light in this episode and I should pursue the rather lucrative field of gun running and drug trafficking.  I just need to be able to personally hijack about a half a million dollars worth of illegal arms shipped by the IRA.  I guess it would help if I knew some criminals.  Until I make some key criminal allies, I guess I probably need to stick to looking for the teaching jobs.  That is probably a good thing considering what happened on this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy.

I didn’t have to wait long for what I knew would be a clusterfuck this season.  I’m not sure why SAMCRO didn’t consider that the Russians might retaliate in a very nasty way for say, shooting a bunch of their guys, but more importantly, stealing all the guns they were running.  First, Jax admits to Tara that they were responsible for the Russian’s deaths but he can’t get too far into the explanation since Gemma shows up to babysit, and later, snoop everywhere for those letters from Maureen.

In a completely opposite scene, we see Opie lie to Lyla and say they had nothing to do with the Russians deaths.  Oh Opie, that’s no way to start a second marriage to your porn star wife who isn’t too bright.  I’m guessing, however, even if he was truthful with her, that she could not actually process the information she was given and keep quiet as Tara can.

Local law enforcement isn’t pleased with the dead bodies at Charming Heights.  Neither is the mayor/property developer.  Sheriff Roosevelt (Rockmund Dunbar) is so mad that he goes to the club and wrecks the place with a fire axe, landing the first blow on the wall of member’s portraits.  I predict a grisly demise for Sheriff Roosevelt.  One that equates the disrespect he has shown to SAMCRO.  When will law enforcement ever learn they are all just a couple of steps from being criminals themselves?  Wayne Unser can at least face that reality head on.

Jax and Opie go on an ill-fated ammo run and discover some of their ammo guys dead and end up getting taken hostage by some very pissed off Russians.  Things are already tense between Opie and Jax when Opie discovers Jax backs Clay’s new drug trafficking scheme.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt when the Mayans/the Mexican Drug Cartel has your back and comes in and blows away half the Russians.  I know I would never want to be on the bad side of Mayan’s leader, Romeo (Danny Trejo).  It isn’t hard to tell though, that this new relationship with the Mayan’s will probably implode by the end of the season due to the dysfunctionality of SAMCRO.  And their past history with the Mayans.  But it was a fairy great scene to watch all the bundles of cash being handed over for the newly cemented relationship between the two clubs.  Or should I say one club and one club+drug cartel.

Things between Tara and Gemma are also starting to heat up.  Gemma finds Tara’s stash of letters from Maureen in Belfast.  She also discovers something she wasn’t expecting – the police report that details John Teller’s accident leading to his death, signed by everyone’s favorite crooked cop, former Chief Wayne Unser.  Obviously there will be a showdown between Gemma and Gemma, Junior.

Finally, what I find most interesting about the ending of this episode is the women.  Because even though it is a men’s club, it is really Gemma’s beliefs that held the club together and kept it thriving through her manipulation of first John and then Clay and her attempts to do so through Jax.  And while Gemma looks at the disaster the soon-to-be dead Sheriff Roosevelt has left in his wake, it is Tara who steps up and brings the club together, announcing her engagement to Jax.  Funny how two women who are not allowed to be members because they are women are unconsciously what kepts SAMCRO going in their greatest time of need.  I can’t help thinking that if Gemma and Tara ran SAMCRO, then everyone would have to be very afraid.

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