Breaking Bad: “Salud” Episode Review

20 Sep

If I had been feeling a bit slighted this season with episodes that didn’t have quite enough action, Vince Gilligan made it up to me with last night’s episode, “Salud”.  Breaking Bad is picking up speed as it nears the season ending and it isn’t disappointing its fans.


We begin the episode with Jesse, Gus and Mike waiting in an open field to get on a plane and fly to Mexico to do “the cook” for the Cartel.  Jesse, surprisingly, rises to the occasion, channeling Walt and impressing Gus.  He not only pulls off the cook but intimidates and insults the cartel chemist in charge.  That was most likely cathartic after what he went through with Walt.  Things go so well, in fact, that Jesse is informed he will be staying in Mexico for all the cooks.  He is not pleased to say the least.

In the meantime, Skyler tries to reach Walt, who is passed out after taking many painkillers.  He misses Walt., Jr.’s birthday and giving him the ridiculous PT Cruiser.  The gift is an epic fail.  Later, Walt, Jr. goes to Walt’s and finds his dad beaten up and wasted.  Walt ends up crying in front of him.  Junior responds by comforting and taking care of his dad.  The next day, the closeness ends when Walt tells Junior he doesn’t want him to remember him like that and Junior says he prefers crying Walt to the Walt of the previous year.  There’s always some fall out when you become Meth King of Albuquerque.

Skyler has problems with Ted.  She’s instructed Saul to give Ted money to pay off the IRS and pretend it is an inheritance.  Instead of paying off his taxes, he leases a Mercedes and decides to start up his business again.  Skyler pays him a visit and ends up insisting he use the money she gave him to pay off the debt.  That was most likely a bad idea as we can all see Ted is an idiot.

Walt has more to worry about than he imagined since Jesse ends up using the poison Walt gave him to kill Gus to kill Don Eladio and his lieutenants.  We’re not sure what story Jesse has told to Mike and Gus but we see Gus ingest the poison then go throw it up.   Not sure if that’s going to work for him and as Cartel members start dropping dead, Gus doesn’t escape unscathed.  He’s doubled over in pain as they run for a getaway car and things only get worse when a Cartel member we thought was dead shoots and hits Mike.  Jesse drives both of his wounded comrades out of the compound as the episode ends leaving all of us to wonder:  who will die?  Mike?  Gus?  Both?  I prefer Mike.  Gus creeps me out so you know who I’m banking on to survive.

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