Two and a Half Men: when hormones go bad

20 Sep

I’m feeling very conflicted about whether or not I want to watch this season’s premiere of Two and a Half Men. Because, truth be told, I really don’t watch the show that often. I tend to end up watching it when I visit my dad and step-mother and I have seen so many episodes on those visits that I guess I don’t feel the need to watch constantly. And the thing is, maybe a lot of people think Charlie Sheen is an asshole, but I don’t think he is. Okay, I know he has personal issues but I’ve worked with him in the past and while it was true he lives an unconventional life, he was always kind and respectful to me. Which is more than I can say for Malcolm McDowell. But that’s another story.

I’ve held my tongue during Charlie’s meltdown because I figure, everyone is entitled to at least one nervous breakdown in a lifetime. And until you’ve worked in Hollywood, you can judge all you want but life in Hollywood is never quite real. Working in the film or television business is almost like being tempted by the devil and you don’t always know yourself until you have been faced with strange situations like oh say… people running drugs through messenger services or little black books being hidden in places you would never imagine or the very stupid things studio heads do then try to cover them up. Sometimes it is almost like watching a TV show until you realize it is your life. So, I believe in second chances and I hope Charlie Sheen learns a couple of things along the way: first, he really needs to not hit women, that isn’t okay and if he’s angry, until he learns to deal with his rage, he could do what I did and break lots of phones and answering machines. Only walls get hurt. Well, the phones and answering machines as well and as soon as you get sick of having to replace them, you learn that maybe you should think before you loose your temper.  And, I’m truly hoping he realizes that you can only screw so many women and it’s not going to make you feel immortal or have better self-esteem. The only way you feel better about yourself is to figure out why you are feeling so crappy in the first place and discover, with the help of a licensed professional or at least a good personal coach, how you might help yourself in healthy ways. So Charlie, perhaps if you attempt to keep it in your pants and not hit women and focus on what might make you happy, you will have a happier success next time.  I’m routing for him more than I’m routing for the show because quite honestly, after hearing about Chuck Lorre trying to get him taken off the Emmy’s last night, I lost a whole lot of respect for the man who makes my favorite sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.  And just because Ashton Kutcher might have it together a bit more than Charlie Sheen, I find it bad form to flaunt it.  Who knows what may happen with him.  Hollywood’s a funny place.  One minute you’re on top, the next you mean less than shit being flushed down the toilet.  So, it’s always good to be grateful and not gloat while you’re doing good on your ride because you might need help once you get derailed.  That’s almost a guarantee in show business.  But that’s just my opinion.

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