Castle: Season 4 Premiere Review

21 Sep

Last season of Castle wasn’t my favorite.  The things I love about the show are the strange murders, quirky investigations and humor.  Last season, it was hit and miss as the narrative went deeper into the mystery of who killed Kate Beckett‘s mother and why.  The tone was uneven.  Storylines featuring the conspiracy about Kate’s mother and later the involvement with the police department and city officials became increasingly convoluted.  I slugged through a number of episodes until last season’s finale when Kate (Stana Katic) got shot at her old boss Captain Montgomery’s (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) funeral.  When I tuned into the Season 4 premiere episode, “Rise”, I had forgotten two very important things that happened in the last two minutes of the show:  that Kate got shot and Castle (Nathan Fillion) professed his love as she was about to lose consciousness.  Just like any narcissistic man, too little, too late.


In this episode, Kate survives the gunshot – barely.  Her doctor boyfriend helps save her and she dumps him later.  In all fairness, that was the right thing to do if she wasn’t in love with him.  Life is too short to stay with someone you only just like.  Or in turn, to stay with someone who can’t express his feelings at appropriate times.  But Castle is doing his best to make it up to Kate, and, like any somewhat rational adult woman, she is willing to forgive if he can prove himself to her.  Without the backsliding Castle is so famous for.  So as Kate recovers from her gunshot in relative solitude, Castle is helping Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) work on discovering who the sniper was, who hired him and why Kate is still in danger.  All of this is done under the new regime of Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) who is a good foil to all those in the department and should add to a more interesting way of solving mysteries.  As soon as the Captain is on the detective’s sides, it’s not half as much fun to watch Kate and Company essentially bend the law to its fullest to investigate their way.

This episode does include a mystery – a tabloid chick who was murdered while her boyfriend was presumably in her house.  He claims he didn’t do it.  Actually, in Castle, this is usually the case.  The murderer tends to be someone who is close to the victim but not as close as we realize.  It’s always fun to guess who as they investigate.  This mystery is truncated though, since the majority of time is spent on the Kate conspiracy.

The most revealing and perhaps promising moments came at the end of the show.  First, next week’s episode is a comic book murder and everyone looks like they are having a good time so let’s hope we will get back on track, at least slightly.  Second, Kate goes to a psychologist to confess that she remembers her shooting (and obviously Castle’s confession of love).  Such a healthy response, her hiding for three months and not talking to him.  I guess it’s better than her telling Castle to get lost and leave her alone.  But not much.  Let’s hope Kate can grow a bit more emotionally because when Castle is the adult in the show, things can get scary.

Castle airs on ABC at 10pm/9pm central.

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