Ringer: “She’s Ruining Everything”episode 2 review/recap

22 Sep

In the second week of the CW‘s new fall entry Ringer, things pick up a little for Bridget/Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar).  The question is:  will it be enough to keep the show from the chopping block?  There has been a significant decline (26%) in viewership and if it keeps declining I’m sure the show will suffer a death earlier than some of the characters who will most likely be scheduled to die this season.  For the record, I’m enjoying the show and hope it makes it through as unscathed as possible.


We get to worry about what on earth Bridget is going to do with that body.  The one of hitman she shot and killed in the last episode.  I’ve got to admit, I like how it’s taking her a long time to figure out what the hell to do with it.  Because if you not a ‘cleaner’ and you are in New York City, and you’re a small-framed female, your options are limited.  I particularly like her moment contemplating the power saw.  I believe the writers did a great job raising the stakes just when Bridget thought she would have an extra day or two to clean up her mess, her ‘husband’, Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) tells her they are now going to have to have the fund-raising event (literally his company is procuring clients/investors) she didn’t know about in their unfinished loft.  She scrambles to get back to the loft and move the body but there is an event staff already there clearing up and setting up.  Now she’s stuck.  She must wait until after the party to finish what she started.

Now, I must once again voice my annoyance at the CW.  A friend of mine who writes for a TV show on a different network, but did once write for a CW show, explained something to me when I complained to her.  I was saying I was so sick and tired of every CW show having an ‘event’ each episode.  Apparently that is a CW mandate.  I’d go farther saying they believe it is their signature style.  I’m here to say:  hey, CW, that is stupid.  I get the need to have an event here and there but seriously, your events are interrupting the flow of your narratives at times.  This is especially true with shows like The Vampire Diaries.  Because the events have become so ridiculous I started to dread watching the show.  I am still watching it but I’m stuck in last season I’ve been so annoyed.  I just wish the networks would shut up and butt out and let the creative people create.  There is a reason an executive is not a writer.  Everyone at a network needs to remember that.  And that is usually why shows start to fail.  I’m bringing this up only because this is one of the times an event actually worked for the narrative and I would deem it fine.  What gives me that right?  I’m a viewer who is willing to invest something called “my time” in their show.  And if I’m investing “my time” that usually will lead to “my money” if I see something as product placement I admire or a product on a commercial if I don’t fast forward on my DVR.  It’s something networks tend to forget.  Or try to quantify.  Why don’t you stop targeting and just make the best show you can once in a while?  You might be surprised.   Now back to the episode.

It turns out that the assassin had a cell phone which goes off during Andrew’s Investor Pitch speech and Bridget has to lie that the one going off in a trunk must be one of the workmen’s.  I’m not buying it but I’ll let it slide.  A ‘waiter’ sees her reach in and grab the phone.  He eyes her menacingly and we know he’s not a waiter.  The stakes have been raised again.  The dead body isn’t Bridget’s only problem.  FBI Agent Victor Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is nosing around the loft and the party.  Juliet, Siobhan’s step-daughter is clearly developing a substance abuse problem and Bridget sees she can do her some good so begins to form a bond with her.  Finally, Bridget screws over Siobhan inadvertently by closing out her secret bank account and stashing the cash for an emergency run she’s planning.  Siobhan is less than pleased.  Oh and that body?  Well, Bridget goes back to the loft to proceed with her ‘cleaning job’ and the body has disappeared.  Somebody knows something.  I can’t wait to see what they have planned for poor Bridget next.

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