Haven: “Business As Usual” pays off its fans

25 Sep


If you’re a Haven fan and you are hoping for Audrey (Emily Rose) and Crocker (Eric Balfour) hooking up, you might be disappointed with last night’s episode; however, if you are on the Audrey/Nathan (Lucas Bryant) bandwagon, you might be very happy since last night’s episode gave the fans what they were finally waiting for… the kiss.

Writing about the “trouble of the week” doesn’t inspire me, although it’s fascinating how each trouble is usually caused by an emotional trigger and once its out there, there’s no going back.  Kind of like a mental illness you can never get rid of  and must learn to live with using only cognitive therapy as there doesn’t seem to be any medicinal cure for the “troubled”.  Which begs the question, just how does Audrey know how to fix the troubled?  I’m glad the writers/producers are finally beginning to address the mythology of Audrey’s past a bit more heavily into the narrative, although it wouldn’t have hurt to introduce it in slightly sooner.  And that introduction to the real Audrey at the end of season one and the beginning of season two left a great deal to be desired.  If you are going to build a premise up that far then you should go a bit deeper.  It would have been simple enough for Audrey to come across her memory double in another way that was less invasive if all they wanted to do was introduce the idea that Audrey’s memories weren’t her own.  Then after all the leading up to Lucy Ripley, we see her for a few minutes and while yes, we get some key information, I’m hoping we get to see more of her.  This is all contingent on whether or not Syfy actually renews a third season.  Which they should.  I already invested in the Season 1 DVD set and I rarely do that.  It even cost me more because I bought it in Canada so Syfy creative executives, I’d appreciate some good faith as I would be very upset if you failed me now.  Besides, there appears to be a hardcore fan-base for the show if you look at Dave (John Dunsworth) and Vince’s (Richard Donat) twitter following numbers.

If there is a season 3, as I sincerely hope there will be, I am anxious to see how the Audrey/Nathan relationship progresses since his father (in the preview for the season finale as a ghost, no less) tells Nathan that Audrey is too important to be in love with him (considering she does need to focus to save the entire town).  But Nathan’s dad is from the old school of thought.  There’s nothing that says Audrey can’t be in love with Nathan, have to figure out if Duke will end up turning on her on his own or because a trouble might possess him at some point, and fighting whatever ‘force’ it is that is causing all the havoc in the small Maine coastal town.  I will be watching closely, considering Audrey isn’t really Audrey or Lucy so if she finds out who she is, will that cause a problem with her relationship with Nathan?  More interesting, although Nathan is the troubled one who can feel nobody but Audrey, he seems a bit healthier in the ability to attempt a relationship.  At this point, it is almost as if the gender roles were reversed since Nathan never lived up to being a man for his father while Audrey was more than capable of handling many of the troubles.  I wonder if there are any other gender-bending issues that will arise if we are lucky enough to get a third season of Haven.

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