Haven: Season Finale or Series Finale? “Sins of the Fathers”

5 Oct

As Haven wraps up season 2, there are only more questions that need answering.  SPOILER ALERT:  What happened to Audrey (Emily Rose)?  Did Duke (Eric Balfour) take her?  Someone else?  Dave (John Dunsworth) or Vince (Richard Donat) ?  It could have been anybody.  And why?  To kill her?  Reprogram her?  Who is she?  Is she the one who starts The Troubles every time she appears?  And what does that say about women?  Her in particular.  If it is a woman who triggers this, and Audrey can bring trouble and ultimately control trouble, that makes her not only powerful but a threat, especially to the masculine element in town.  Think of Duke’s dead father who tells Duke he has to kill her.  Think of the weapons cache that he and his ancestors procured over the generations.  Duke’s family is the masculine answer to The Troubles while Audrey is the feminine.  Duke’s family kills and saves generations from their curse/trouble.  Audrey practices something else altogether:  understanding and tolerance.  Audrey understands and tries to impart knowledge about how each trouble is triggered and how to control it in the future, almost like living with mental illness or an addiction.  Duke’s family (and the Rev (with his followers) believe annihilation of The Troubled is the smartest way to go.

There seems to be an underlying current of misogyny in Haven.  Not all the men hate Audrey.  The Chief (Nicholas Campbell) respects her importance.  Duke can’t stop caring about her.  And Nathan (Lucas Bryant) is in love with her.  She’s the only person who can make him feel.  Yet one can never really know if either brother, Vince or Dave, un/official keepers of all of Haven’s secrets, are truly supportive of Audrey or not.  But the Rev wasn’t.  Neither was the Duke’s father, alive or as a ghost.  In this particular episode, “Sins of the Fathers,” the dead have come back to either get revenge or deal with unfinished business.  Ironically, Audrey cannot see any of them.  The most important thing, it seems, is that Duke’s father comes back to try and get Duke to see he cannot be on Audrey’s side and The Chief lets Nathan know how important Audrey is to the safety and future of Haven.

If fans were hoping Audrey and Nathan would be consummating their relationship before, during, or after pancake eating, they were disappointed since somebody abducted Audrey in the middle of her preparations for her “pancake” date with Nathan.  Even more disturbing is that when Nathan discovers Audrey is missing, he heads for Duke’s and as he attacks Duke, convinced he has abducted Audrey, the telltale tattoo that Duke is terrified of appears on Nathan’s arm.  Now we have to wait until Christmas to see what happens.  And I’m confused:  are things resolved or is the Christmas Episode a stand-alone one?  But if it is, how is Audrey ok?  Do we get an explanation for her abduction and, I’m guessing, Christmas Trouble?  Does one of Santa’s reindeer go nuts?  A elf that turns into a murderous giant snow monster?  Will Santa forget who he is and what Christmas means?  Who knows.  I’d just like the series to continue.

Syfy channel, I hope you are not waiting until the Christmas Special to make a decision to renew this show.  You have a strong fan base.  You should exploit the show more.  So, get your act together because I would really like to see a Season 3.  As would the show’s other fans.

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