Dexter: Season 6 Premiere “Those Kinds of Things”

6 Oct

There’s nothing I appreciate more than a self-actualized serial killer.  And if nothing else, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has grown as a human the more he kills.  Yes, isn’t that ironically supposed to be the point?  While last season might have felt a bit strange with Lumen becoming Dexter’s right-hand, and him channeling his grief over Rita to help Lumen catch her attackers, this season feels a bit more like the old Dexter who is getting back on track.

Dexter is killing and loving it.  He’s still got his job.  Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is in a solid relationship with Quinn (Desmond Harrington).  Masuka (C.S. Lee) is now teaching a forensics class and has an intern program.  La Guerta (Lauren Velez) gets a promotion to Captain (she blackmails a higher official into giving it to her) and Angel (David Zayas) has now become Dexter’s neighbor with his younger sister (that he could possibly be attracted to) serving as Harrison’s baby sitter.

Dexter is now having to consider Harrison’s moral upbringing.  While he has no religion, just Harry‘s Code for Killing, Deb insists that morals and even religion is important for children to have a solid upbringing.  Dexter considers this dilemma throughout the episode and decides it’s best to at least expose Harrison to religion so he can make his own decisions about it later.  A rather enlightened view for a serial killer who is essentially an atheist.  And… there is a great scene where Dexter questions his victim of the week about forgiveness and repentance when he discovers a Jesus tattoo on the guy’s shoulder.

Keeping with the theme of religion, this season’s depraved killer is actually a team of two men.  One the leader/mentor, the other, it seems, the killer trainee/follower.  I won’t go into the disembowelment of the victim or the seven water snakes coming out of his stomach.  It’s worth watching though.  The snake part is fairly disgusting.  This season looks promising, although unless Showtime comes to a salary negotiation settlement with Michael C. Hall soon, there might not be a Season 7 of Dexter.

2 Responses to “Dexter: Season 6 Premiere “Those Kinds of Things””

  1. braddstudios October 7, 2011 at 1:59 am #

    I really enjoyed the season premiere…should be a fun ride

    • romistepovich October 7, 2011 at 2:49 am #

      Yes, I actually felt more like the old “Dexter”. I’m looking forward to it.

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