Revenge: “Trust” Episode 2 Review

7 Oct

Revenge managed to hold on to my interest through the second episode.  Congratulations ABC, I actually like this show.

SPOILER ALERT:  I won’t say much because the story this week (the revenge one) is fairly slim.  I will say though, that it is fun to watch as Emily/Amanda (Emily VanCamp) is hunted down/researched by Victoria Grayson’s P.I. (and possibly her sometime lover).  What is a bit harder to discern is whether Emily/Amanda actually has any real feelings for Danny (Joshua Bowman), Victoria Grayson’s son.  She appears to enjoy her date with him and although she might have some feelings for him, I’m guessing she is dead inside when it comes to the Graysons, the people who destroyed her father.  One never knows.  But I somehow doubt it.

The real showdown, obviously, is going to be between Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily.  This episode, Emily brings down one of the hedge fund investors that set up her father.  In this economic climate, i don’t think anyone feels bad for him.  In the meantime, Emily’s “friends” are having small dramas of their own.  Jack (Nick Wechsler) sells his sailboat, the Amanda (yes after Emily/Amanda), to resident geek billionaire, Nolan (Gabriel Mann).  It turns out that Nolan just wants company and a friend while Jack just wants cash to save his father’s failing bar/restaurant business.  It looks like an unlikely friendship might actually result from this embarrassing financial arrangement.  Money does make people do strange things.

Nolan, who acts like Emily’s protector, outbids Victoria for the Hamptons beach house that Emily is renting but wanted to buy.  When Emily discovers Nolan bought it for her she demands it is put in her name.  He tells her it is already done.  Ok, I’d just like to take a moment and let any billionaires out there know that I would be happy to demand a condo in Manhattan from them and if I can be greedy, I would like a two-bedroom, in my name with taxes paid as well.  Obviously in a good neighborhood.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  Just thought I’d throw that out there.  Emily’s friend gives her a surprise house-warming party and her date with Danny is interrupted.  At the end of the episode, Emily has squashed her prey (hedge fund guy) and will be moving on to the next double-crosser next week.  I kind of just want to see what Nolan will buy her next.

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