American Horror Story: “Home Invasion” Episode 2 Review

15 Oct

We’ve entered the second week of American Horror Story and it isn’t any clearer what the show is really about.   The one message coming through pervasively, however is that women are evil and a threat, selfish and conniving.  The men just seem to be horny.  And prone to hearing things and sleep-walking.


The show’s narrative signature trope seems to be a death-a-week related to the house.  This week’s death involves nurses (one is apparently a nursing student) and a psycho, literally.  If you aren’t sure, the music from Hitchcock’s Psycho screeches as the creepy madman stabs the virgin nurse in the back as we watch.  Since he hates women and he comes at her from behind, if you were a psychoanalytic film theorist, you would claim that is symbolic for anal penetration of the most violent kind.  Notice that fate is bestowed upon the more attractive, skinnier of the two.  Psycho guy’s sexual choice for his games.  The overweight nurse gets drowned in a tub in her uniform.  Either way, both women probably wished they’d gone with their roommates to see The Doors at the Hollywood Bowl.  It is 1968.  Who stayed at home in 1968 when there were groups like The Doors playing?

Ben (Dylan McDermott) has a new patient this week, Bianca (Mageina Tovah), who knows all about his house since it is a famous Los Angeles murder house and she informs him it’s on the murder house tour.  In her session she recounts a dream she keeps having about being chopped in half by an elevator door.  It’s hard to tell if she is making this up or she really does have the dream but one thing is clear:  she’s a weirdo.  Ben receives a call from his former lover/student, Hayden (Kate Mara) informing him that she’s pregnant.  He lies to Vivien telling her that he’s going to visit a suicidal patient in Boston.  Honestly this is a bad call.  He shouldn’t go to Boston to be with her, even if she is having an abortion.  That signals that he still has feelings.  But it’s painfully clear that Ben is never going to be completely faithful.  Even if he says he will just sleep on the couch.  The betrayal in this instance began when he lied to Vivien (Connie Britten) and continued when he arrived in Boston AND stayed at Hayden’s place.  It begs the question:  what kind of a psychiatrist is he?  Certainly not one that has learned healthy boundaries.  The man walks around the house naked at night with a teenager daughter living there.  That’s just creepy.

Right before Ben leaves, Constance (Jessica Lange) bakes cupcakes she poisons with ipecac (she has Addy spit in them for good measure), which is originally meant for Violet (Taissa Farmiga).  Vivien and Constance share a moment about her pregnancy and Constance says all her children were born with defects with the exception of the one who died.  Vivien tries to share one of the poison cupcakes with Constance but she rebuffs her about weight and age.  Then Ben tries to eat it.  Finally, the cupcake helps save Vivien and Violet who get into a fight.  Violet puts the cupcake outside her door.  Then Bianca (Ben’s new patient from earlier) and two of her friends break into the house to re-create the 1968 murder we saw at the beginning of the episode.  Tate (Evan Peters) hides in the house and helps Violet.  Bianca eats the poisoned cupcake and later killed Tate kills her with an axe as she vomits.  The police make a comment once the body is found that she was almost sliced in half (so her dream was real or maybe the house liked the idea).  Her two cohorts are ultimately killed by Tate in the basement.  Ben leaves Hayden’s abortion to rush home to his family.  We discover Tate is Constance’s son and Tate, Constance and Moira (Frances Conroy) agree to clean up the mess since it isn’t “the first time that’s happened” after Tate shows them the bodies.

Perhaps the only disturbing element to this show is the strange level of violence related to the female characters.  It’s as if female desire has run amok and displaced the order of the world in Los Angeles.  If you aren’t sure, watch the scene between Constance and her young lover (Michael Graziadei) as she ignores Addy’s pleas for help and locks her in a closet so she can have sex.  Or the fact that Vivien doesn’t notice she’s been impregnated by a stranger in a rubber/latex suit.  Even Violet seems to be attracted to Tate, who is essentially a murderer and possibly a ghost.  The home invasion is caused by Bianca’s sick desire to follow the cult of a perverted killer and even Abby wanders unchecked through the house and talks to ghosts, desiring freedom and chaos.  Moira, who could possibly be a ghost herself, seems to be quite a slut when the opportunity presents itself.  So, are the problems of the house related to this female problem?  I’m wondering… Time will tell.

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