Revenge: “Duplicity” Episode Review

20 Oct

This episode of Revenge actually beat CSI in a key demographic which gives it a nice boost and solidifies its tenure this season on ABC.  This also might be the most disturbing episode to date.


Dr. Michelle Banks (Amy Landecker), a child psychologist is terrorizing Amanda shortly after her father’s been arrested, telling her she’s a liar and a horrible child.  Making sure she’s locked up in an institution and never allowed to see her father.  It looks like Dr. Banks is going down this episode and it’s a well-deserved attack of retribution.

Emily (Emily VanCamp)  has been a patient of Dr. Banks for a year (as a setup) and discovered she records her sessions.  Bad idea, Dr. Banks.  In the meantime, she also sees that Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) plans to host a fund raising event for Dr. Banks which involves under-privileged children getting therapy in the inner-city.  Or something like that.  The point is that it will be a venue where Emily can publicly humiliate Dr. Banks and destroy her.  She does.  She replaces the fundraising informational DVD with a Hamptons Exposed DVD that highlights key sessions with Dr. Banks including Emily’s and Victoria Grayson’s.  Victoria’s is particularly damning as she claims to not connect with her daughter, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen), and thinks maybe she shouldn’t have had her.  Oops.  That secret is out.

In the meantime, Daniel’s (Joshua Bowman) best friend, Tyler (Ashton Holmes) is insanely jealous of Emily and lies to both Emily and Daniel, making her believe he’s not around and him believe she broke their date.  Then he hides Daniel’s cell phone.  He convinces Daniel that Emily’s dumped him which isn’t hard once Daniel shows up at Emily’s and she’s having wine with Jack (Nick Wechsler) who just showed up and Daniel wasn’t there.  Jack is a much nicer guy.  Daniel’s a tool, which is clear when he doesn’t even bother confronting Emily.  Instead he goes out, gets wasted and cheats.  A real winner.  Tyler encourages his bad behavior knowing it is detrimental to Daniel’s well-being.  You’ve got to wonder what Tyler does if he’s your enemy.

Victoria, of course, deserves everything she gets.  A flashback reveals she’s bribed Dr. Banks to diagnose little Amanda with something bad enough to keep her locked in the nut juvenile ward until she’s 18 and to keep her away from her father, specifically because Amanda witnessed Victoria steal her dad’s laptop and hand it to her Mr. Fix It Guy, Frank Stevens (Max Martini).

Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) cheats with Lydia (Amber Valletta) again, although it does seem he genuinely just wanted some information from her then couldn’t resist.  It’s impossible to feel bad for Victoria since she has asked Frank to spend the night.  And Charlotte retaliates against Victoria by spending some quality time with Declan (Connor Paolo).  Finally, Nolan(Gabriel Mann) alerts Emily that Daniel’s getting drunk at the bar and acting like an idiot with some other girl then encourages Jack to go after Emily.  He might meddle but I think Nolan might be the only redeemable character who has money on this show sometimes.

As we end this episode, Emily’s voiceover is rather poignant and a bit more insightful that one might believe an ABC night-time soap is capable of but she considers whether we can ever really know anyone else or even ourselves.  It’s honestly worth listening to.  And yes, sometimes you would be surprised what can make you think deeper thoughts about yourself, your actions and life.  Even a show called Revenge.

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