Dexter: Episode 3 “Smokey and the Bandit” Review

21 Oct

This week Dexter gets to meet one of his inspirations… or does he?  The team gets called to a homicide – a murdered prostitute with a chipped tooth.  Dexter (Michael C. Hall) recognizes this as a possible attack by the serial killer he kept clippings of when he was 13 – the tooth fairy.  But those attacks all took place in Portland, Oregon.  Could the tooth fairy have retired to Florida?


Yes.  It is Dexter’s famed serial killer and he’s a crotchety old man named Walter Kenny (Ronny Cox) who might be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, who jerks off to porn magazines and is essentially a nuisance to everyone around him.  What upsets Dexter about Walter is that he was like a movie star or rock star to Dexter and he’s ended up in a retirement home with a lazy-boy chair and a television set in his living room, a view of the parking lot from his window, and his teeth trophies in a storage unit.  Dexter begins to think about life and what happens as we age.  What kind of life does he want?

In the meantime Deb (Jennifer Carpenter)  has a confidence crisis at work.  It appears as though most of her co-workers want to see her fail.  LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) bosses her around.  Quinn (Desmond Harrington) undermines her authority and flirts with other women.  Yes he is hurt and Deb takes that into account.  Not even her new potential new hire believes she is a Lieutenant.  It would help if Deb dressed slightly more professional.  She’s not in the film business.

More tension of a sexual kind is brewing at the police station between Musaka (C.S. Lee) and his protegee-intern, Ryan (Brea Grant).  She’s a difficult one to figure out.  Is she actually attracted to Masuka or does she want to use him for access to death trophies like the Ice Truck Killer mannequin hand she steals at the end of the episode?  I’m sure her motives will not be pure.  Are anyone’s on Dexter?  Maybe Rita but look what happened to her.

Travis (Colin Hanks) and Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos)  finally kill the good samaritan.  And the episode ends with their handy work which features the dead good samaritan chopped into pieces to fit onto mannequins and his body parts ride on horses down a street in Miami representing a religious tableaux of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  Kind of Brechtian street theater run amok.  So does anyone else think Dexter has gone over the edge with religion this season?  Because we have Dexter wondering about faith.  Brother Sam trying to show Dexter the way.   And… the crazy religious nuts.  Now perhaps the show’s writer/producers want to balance different religious views for us from non-believer (Dexter) to born again guy (Brother Sam) to religious fanatical nutters (Travis and Professor Gellar).  I don’t believe the fans like the overkill though, the ratings for Dexter have gone down consistently since its premiere three weeks ago.  I hope the show gets back on track soon.  I don’t think anyone believes Dexter will be getting baptized any time soon.

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