Ringer: “The Poor Kids Do It Everyday” Episode 6 Review

22 Oct

Things aren’t looking so hot for Gemma (Tara Summers). She’s disappeared and in the opening of this week’s episode, Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) feverishly cleans all the blood off the walls and the broken pottery off the floor. Then he ditches her car at the JFK long term parking lot.  Yes, he looks guilty.  Later, he and Bridget as Siobhan “talk” more than once (he even breaks into her house with a key she gave him) and he swears he covered everything up to protect her since he believes she did something to Gemma.  Bridget manages to get Henry to tell her where he got rid of the rags he used for the cleanup then promptly reports him to the police and plants her own thumb print on the pottery, to detract any suspicion from Siobhan.  Not sure how well this well work for Bridget if they actually decide to fingerprint Siobhan for any reason in the near future.

Juliet (Zoey Deutch) starts going to public school and people don’t like her because she’s rich.  A mean girl gets into a fight with her and young teacher, Mr. Carpenter (Jason DohringLogan Echolls from Veronica Mars) intercedes on her behalf to keep her from getting expelled her first day.  It looks like somebody is going to be hot for teacher by the end of this season.  Juliet also causes a personal crisis for Bridget when she surrenders her stash to her voluntarily.  Poor Bridget must call new hot sponsor, Charlie (Billy Miller) to help her through her, um, cravings.  He does.  Get your mind out of the gutter, he throws the stash away, problem solved.  For now.

Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) gets a search warrant for the strip club belonging to evil murderer mob guy and they don’t find Malcolm (Mike Colter), who has been mysteriously moved from his prison in the basement.  They don’t seem to kill him though because in previews, he appears to be alive.

Finally, we see a shot of Siobhan in Paris receiving a phone call that Gemma has been taken care of.  You’ve got to wonder who Siobhan has on her hit list for next week…


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