Revenge: Episode 6 “Intrigue” review

30 Oct

Nobody likes it when the paid muscle starts thinking for himself and that’s what Frank (Max Martini) has been doing for a while on Revenge. It doesn’t help when he’s also banging the boss’s wife.  Then when he goes rogue, everyone’s in trouble.


This is actually the first episode where it feels as if the show has made a misstep.  And that is with the Frank character.  Yes, obviously the drama and tension must be upped as we plod along this season and there are 22 episodes so something has to happen.  I’ll admit I was surprised that Lydia (Amber Valletta) managed to survive the fall and is now in a coma.  I would have preferred they just killed her off.  But I suppose we will now have to go through some ridiculous stereotypical narrative where Emily and the audience will wonder the following:  will she or won’t she wake up?  If she wakes up, will she remember?  If she wakes up and doesn’t remember, when will she regain her memory?  Because they always regain their memories.  I hoped for a bit more from the show.  Maybe it will surprise me.  I hope so.  But back to Frank and the misstep.

Frank determines through his own rogue investigation that Nolan (Gabriel Mann) went to Lydia’s apartment and he must have gotten ahold of the surveillance footage that incriminated him (which is a correct assumption).  What I don’t buy is the pat way in which, first of all, Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan decide to set Frank up for Lydia’s fall (even though it was his fault).  The anonymous email to Conrad (Henry Czerny) was so uninspired.  And… we have seen Frank in flashbacks before but a more personal one against Emily/Amanda would have been more inspired.  Then how Frank corners Nolan at the 4th of July party and tries to shoot him in the kneecaps at the pool house.  It just seems – unprofessional.  And obvious.  Even more unbelievable is Nolan’s reaction.  That he tells Emily she’s on her own.  The guy has stalked her, broken into everything to keep an eye on her and the first sign of danger and he’s running.  I think his character would get angry then be even more annoyed that some hired muscle was smarter than him.  Not go running home with his tail between his legs.

Also, I’m beginning to wonder about Emily’s character.  She sleeps with Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and seems to care about him but we can see she’s also attracted to Jack (Nick Wechsler).  I have a hard time believing that they would not have at least kissed on the jetty when he declared his feelings for her.  The whole scene felt like a massive wimp out from everyone involved.  Yes I see that she cares and that’s why she can’t act but I think he would have tried to kiss her.  He was going for broke.  No guy, or I should say, American guy would take it that far and not go for at least one kiss.

Finally, Tyler (Ashton Holmes).  I knew a pathological liar once.  She was good but her stories became so outlandish it was easy to catch her.  Tyler’s are worse.  I’m having a hard time believing Dan wouldn’t question him at this point.  Or Ashley (Ashley Madekwe).  These people are supposed to be sophisticated.  Not a bunch of idiots.  When he bashes his head against the post to implicate Dan, it’s essentially laughable and I have a hard time believing Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) can’t detect his bullshit.

I hope this episode doesn’t mark a turning point in the series where everything just becomes a convenient plot point.  Because that would be extremely disappointing.

2 Responses to “Revenge: Episode 6 “Intrigue” review”

  1. Jan Johnson October 30, 2011 at 4:03 am #

    Seems to me series does not have much more of a plot!!!

    • romistepovich October 30, 2011 at 4:19 am #

      It’s certainly looking like that! And it started off so much more promising.

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