Dexter: “Just Let Go” Episode Review

11 Nov

Forgiveness.  The theme of this episode of Dexter.  Yes, I know, we are supposed to forgive each other for certain transgressions and with enough time and space, most anything can be forgiven.  I might not be a serial killer, but I, like Dexter (Michael C. Hall) don’t think all people should be forgiven.  Isn’t that the point of the show?  Not everyone who is human is actually human.  Although Dexter likes to believe he isn’t, the nature of his need to make wrongs right makes him more human than the individuals he kills.  It makes perfect sense to me.


Dexter, Deb, Quinn and Travis.  They will all face personal challenges this episode and their choices will help define and trigger what will happen to them in the coming weeks.  Most significantly, Dexter loses his new closest friend, Brother Sam (Mos Def ), who calls Dexter to his bedside and tells him to let Nick (Germaine De Leon) know he forgives him for shooting him.  Dexter resists and doesn’t understand how Brother Sam could forgive him but promises to pass on his message to honor his dying wish.

In the meantime, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) has taken a positive first step in regaining control over her life and making it hers.  She throws a housewarming party for her new place.  She repairs the initial damage to her relationship with Harrison’s nanny, Batista’s sister.  She and Batista (David Zayas) also fix things from the earlier debacle in Clarissa’s questioning.  It seems as if Deb is finally maturing.  She even manages to hold it together in a professional manner when she discovers that Quinn (Desmond Harrington) slept with their key material witness to the Doomsday Killings, Clarissa (Mariana Klaveno).

Travis (Colin Hanks) is letting go of Professor Gellar’s (Edward James Olmos) powerful hold over him.  He resists branding the victim that he and Gellar kidnapped and lets her go at the end of the episode.  I cannot wait to see the repercussions for that move.

Dexter spends his time investigating if Nick was responsible for shooting Brother Sam.  The answer is:  yes.  After all that work Brother Sam did to try and help Nick, he gets gunned down because, as Nick admits to Dexter on the same beach where he was baptized by Brother Sam, nothing changed for the better.  In fact, Nick went back to his gang and had to shoot Brother Sam to prove his loyalty.  It becomes clear instantly that Nick was never worth saving and Dexter rejects Brother Sam’s doctrine of forgiveness and light and drowns Nick in the same water he’d been ‘reborn’ in.  But that rebirth never actually took.  It seems that this time there is an unholy baptism of sorts for Dexter because after he drowns Nick, he turns to see his dead brother, Rudy (Christian Camargo), applauding him and offering his support.

This development, I would assert, is the symbolic journey that Dexter has taken into darkness.  His alter ego is no longer Harry (James Remar), who provided him with some sort of code and guidance, instead, Dexter has chosen to embrace darkness, characterized by Rudy, who represents murder, death and chaos on the most depraved scale.  It looks like Dexter will be on quite a journey of self-discovery for the rest of the season.

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