Revenge: Episode 7 “Charade” review

12 Nov

Victoria Grayson doesn't know whether she's coming or going in this episode.

While I am still enjoying Revenge, I’m having a few issues with it.  Mainly that the producers tend to believe it is okay to change the character’s viewpoints according to their whims for plot purposes. They should know better.  And when you have a melodrama like this show, what makes it strong is that the characters stay true to who they are.  If they flip-flop for the sake of the plot, their motives no longer ring true and they become wishy-washy.  Who wants to waste their time watching wishy-washy characters.  If I want wishy-washy, I can walk out the door, go sit in a restaurant or coffee shop and eavesdrop for entertainment.  And I don’t have to worry about the advertisements.

Last week it was Emily/Amanda (Emily VanCamp) who seemed to not be able to focus.  This week, there is an even bigger problem, Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe).  SPOILER ALERT:  Now Victoria feels sorry for Lydia (Amber Valletta) and wants to be her friend again.  It only took Lydia almost getting murdered by Frank (Max Martini) for Victoria to soften up.  The problem is that I think this turn in her character is sloppy writing or the ABC executives wimping out regarding an evil character.  Perhaps they’ve forgotten Joan Collins in Dynasty.  Yes that character was somewhat one-dimensional but it was still fun to watch as I was growing up.  I don’t want a wishy-washy villainess.  She needs a backbone and I’m sorry but I don’t believe she would forgive the woman that’s been screwing her husband for years.  Even if she doesn’t actually love her husband, it is about power and Lydia upended that balance of power.  If I were Victoria, I’d be going in to visit her and ask Frank to join me to finish the job he started.  I wouldn’t go hold her hand as she was in a coma.  I wouldn’t even bother visiting her.

Another character who doesn’t know his own mind is Nolan (Gabriel Mann).  He wants to butt into Emily’s life.  He snoops for her then as soon as the heat gets turned up, he runs away and refuses to play nice, then he’s back for another fix, with a body guard.  Oh and now, he’s also sexually ambiguous and beds Daniel’s friend, Tyler (Ashton Holmes) in order to take him down for Emily.  Maybe the strangest thing is that neither Nolan nor Tyler are actually even into each other at all so it felt very odd watching two parties about to have sex for no other reason than manipulation of a situation on both their parts.  It just felt like there was no attraction there to even spur on, well, an erection for either guy.  It was the most unsexy seduction scene, gay or straight I think I have ever witnessed on television.

We also get to meet the real Emily Thorne, someone Frank expertly uncovers when he breaks into the prison that once housed Emily/Amanda.  Sorry but that entire plot point is ridiculous.  We are led to believe the prison warden, played by CCH Pounder, mentored Emily/Amanda on staying safe, etc.  So what does she do at the first sign of someone coming to uncover secrets about Emily/Amanda, leaves the ‘sealed’ files readily available in her filing cabinet with absolutely no security except a lock on the door.  And I would love to know how Frank actually was able to get back into the prison without causing some suspicion.  The one high point is that the original Emily , who is now a stripper, who didn’t see that one coming, attacks Frank, leaves him at the side of the road, presumably fatally injured and appears on Emily’s doorstep.

Finally, Emily is cagey about who she actually loves.  My money is on Jack (Nick Wechsler), who she gave an antique compass to as a thank you for fixing her porch swing.  If you don’t think that proves she prefers him (because guess what guys, women only give gifts to men that they actually genuinely care about), then watch as she grabs the arm rest of the porch swing she’s sitting on with Daniel (Joshua Bowman) as he kisses her and admits he’s falling in love with her.  I believe that is the writer’s/producer’s way of letting us know that she prefers Jack and is possibly even thinking of him while kissing Daniel.  I think that everyone needs to figure out what page their characters are on or this show is going to turn into a complete clusterfuck.

One Response to “Revenge: Episode 7 “Charade” review”

  1. Jan Johnson November 12, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    I totally agree with u Romi- this pilot is starting to bore me unless better plots are presented. It started out great but it is now starting to bore me.

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