Once Upon A Time: Episode 3 “Snow Falls” review

13 Nov

The over-arching question for this episode, and the series, is now officially put to the test:  does true love conquer all?  I’d like to think so, but then again, you have to find true love first and according to the show (and in real life as well) not everyone finds it.  And sometimes even if people are lucky enough to find it, they might be too immature or selfish to appreciate it.  Or they are cowards and listen to their friends and family instead of taking chances.  There are villains in all forms in real life.  In fact, in real life, people don’t need an Evil Queen to make them miserable.  They can create their own curses for themselves and others – but in Once Upon A Time, we luckily get to hide behind an Evil Force designated to cause unhappiness.  It is probably a worse fate for people if they realized they couldn’t always live happily ever after because they only have themselves to blame.  At least in the case of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), that isn’t the case – entirely.   We still haven’t found out what exactly Snow White did to anger the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla).

This particular episode, written by Liz Tigelaar (executive producer of Life Unexpected), worked far better than the previous episode.  We get to watch how Snow White and Prince Charming met.  And thankfully, Snow White isn’t just some helpless fairy tale character.  She’s essentially a highway robber who steals from Prince Charming and his fiancee.  She sells his jewels to some trolls.  He tracks her down, they save each other, he gets back the jewelry so he can marry the naggy woman he is with but it is clear he’s got the hots for Snow White.  And this entire sequence actually works.  The fact that they save each other and put themselves in danger when they seemingly don’t like each other is a clever way to illustrate their overwhelming attraction.

In the present day, Mary Margaret can’t find love but it’s clear to us why she can’t.  She’s already got it, she just doesn’t realize it.  Henry (Jared Gilmore) realizes though and gets Emma (Jennifer Morrison) to convince Mary Margaret to read to John Doe while he is in a coma and maybe he will realize who she is and recognize their story.  It works.  He touches her hand then leaves the hospital to go looking for her.  He almost dies.  Mary Margaret saves him, he goes back to the hospital and we discover, thanks to Regina, that he has a wife.  I’m not worried though.  Only an idiot would let marriage to someone else stand in the way of true love.  And Prince Charming doesn’t seem to be an idiot.  So, will true love win out?  I’m an optimist when it comes to this and I say:  ultimately it will.  At least on this show.  Hopefully.

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