Ringer: “Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?” Episode Review

4 Dec

SPOILER ALERT:  There’s nothing like watching a liar really lie.  I mean reallyyyy lie.  And that’s what Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) does in this particular episode.  She lies to her husband, Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), and lover, Henry (Kristoffer Pohala), admitting that she has a twin (actually herself) who she is ashamed of and never wanted to mention because it was easier to forget the past.  And any decent liar, who is naturally part con artist, knows that you must tell some truth in order to make the lie believable.  David Mamet’s House of Games is a great primer if you want to be a con artist.  I’m thinking maybe this is what Bridget needs to do from this point forward.  This show is losing me quickly.  The problem is that they are drawing out a plot that would probably be better as something for ITV in the UK.  What I’m saying is… more than about six episodes per season of this storyline is too much.  It takes away from the suspense and you start to wonder when and if there will be a bigger plot twist.  Then it goes from about being a suspenseful show to simply hitting plot points.  I guess some viewers like that.  I’m just not one of them.

We also get to witness Bridget ‘crossing the line’ with her NA sponsor, Malcolm (Mike Colter).  Ah people with boundaries.  But boundaries are always shifting and in Bridget’s and Malcolm’s case it looks like their feelings could never uncross the line they crossed.  And Bridget seems to blur boundaries with multiple (or at least 2 and counting) NA sponsors since she turns to Charlie (Billy Miller) for help in taking the heat off Henry for Gemma’s (Tara Summers) disappearance.  She has no idea that Charlie is actually Siobhan’s plant and bad guy in New York and kidnapped Gemma.  He’s probably also the guy who tried to kill Bridget in the first place.  Or maybe the plot will thicken.  Juliet gets into even more trouble and her daddy cuts off her trust fund.  Seriously, do you even deserve access to a $10,000,000 trust when you are 16?  I know I did fine on an allowance plus baby sitting money.  But then again, I wasn’t buying loads of drugs either.  Just tons of Martinelli’s carbonated apple juice which looks like beer so I could pretend I was drinking at parties but not actually drink… I must have been the healthiest 16 year old in the state of California with all the apple juice I drank for 3 years.  Somehow, I don’t think Juliet is going to age gracefully.  If teens only knew the ravages of drugs and alcohol on their bodies about 20 years later.   All one needs to do is look at pictures on Facebook of the big party people in high school and college.  It’s a cautionary tale.  Maybe there should be a reality show about it.  But I digress – probably because this week’s episode was not that compelling.

In other plot and narrative hijinks, Malcolm is allowed to escape so he will lead the bad guys to Bridget.  Of course he shows up in New York City.  Bridget faints and ends up at the hospital.  And now Andrew is about to discover Bridget isn’t actually pregnant.  Oh Bridget, another lie?  I know.  This show’s entire narrative is based on lies.  Just sometimes, the lies all get a bit old.  Maybe next episode there will be some truth?  One can only hope.

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