Revenge: “Treachery” episode review

12 Dec

There is always a time in a character’s life on a television show when you feel that they are no longer driving the plot, the plot is driving them and this is where we are in ABC’s Revenge.  While it is true that sometimes events in a character’s plan/life must spiral out of control in order for there to not only be drama but for the viewers to not only derive pleasure in the character’s mastery (hopefully) of a disasterous situation but to admire the skill in which they turn the events of fate around to their advantage, sometimes there is overkill and right now, I feel like we are in overkill mode in this particular episode.  To add to the confusion, the show has ventured from its signature “takedown a week” in order for the plot catch up.  It just feels strange.  Perhaps they shouldn’t have established their signature episodic style so rigidly because it feels like the episode is floundering without footing.

Faux Amanda Clarke (Margarita Levieva) appears on Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) doorstep to announce she killed Frank (Max Martini).  Emily realizes her ‘friendship’ with this girl is going to cause several problems for her and what she doesn’t realize is that this is only the beginning.  She asks Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to watch Faux Amanda which results in her meeting Jack.  Nothing good can come of that flirtation unless Emily finally is willing to admit it’s actually Jack (Nick Wechsler)  she secretly loves.

Declan (Connor Paolo) and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) continue their star-crossed lovers routine.  Jack tries to be a supportive older brother.  And at the Grayson household, bisexual conman interloper Tyler (Ashton Holmes) has struck some blackmail gold when he discovers that shredded speech of Lydia’s.  You would think the Grayson’s would at least spend the money on a confetti shredder given their life choices.

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) insists that Lydia (Amber Valletta) stay at the Grayson home while she recovers, and later she overhears an argument between Victoria and Conrad (Henry Czerny) who states Frank tried to kill Lydia for Victoria.   Lydia realizes she needs to get out of there soon but Victoria comes in and removes the phone.  It’s hard to feel bad for Lydia.

Watching Emily scramble to cover her bases between Frank’s disappearance and death is not as exciting as it could be.  And is she so naive to believe that faux Amanda will be bought off so easily?  She’s forgetting the advice she was given in the flashback.  Faux Amanda is lonely and wants a friend.  And it looks like she plans on sticking around and getting far more than friendship with Jack.  Maybe things will heat up again.  I hope so.

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