Revenge: “Loyalty” episode review

21 Dec

Loyalty and betrayal.  You can’t have one without the other.  Well, maybe some lucky person can have only loyalty but usually betrayal rears its ugly head at some point in a relationship.  Unfortunately, that is human nature.  And in this episode of Revenge, we get to watch as Emily (Emily VanCamp) loses the loyalty of two allies while simultaneously betraying her own loyalty to one of them.  And yes, obviously we get to see other examples of loyalty and betrayal:  poor Jack (Nick Wechsler) — he, like Sammy the Dog, is probably the most loyal character on the show, believing that he is finally with his true love, Amanda, when it is really Faux Amanda (Margarita Levieva).  So poor Jack is not only betrayed by Faux Amanda by playing a con game of love on him, he is betrayed by Emily, the real Amanda, who secretly loves him, yet can’t bring herself to reveal the truth to him, allowing him to be a pawn in her game, rather than a real player.

Tyler (Ashton Holmes) is betrayed a few times, first by Nolan (Gabriel Mann), although Nolan does try and protect him since he definitely has a…. um…. soft spot for him, but then by Emily when she reveals to Daniel  that Tyler is blackmailing Nolan with a sex tape, and finally, by his friend Daniel (Joshua Bowman) when Daniel reveals to his father the whole sexual blackmail angle.  But really, not only does he deserve it, he thrives on bad turns of events.  We get to see why… he’s psychotic and he’s just run out of his anti-psychotics so things should get very interesting.  Who would have thought that Mr. Ripley’s TV double would be Emily’s biggest problem yet?  But as Tyler gets threatened, he fights back and chooses his weapons carefully.  It should be noted all his ammunition is in the form or information, the same information that Emily received from Nolan.   I guess we will see in the coming episodes who uses the information for a better advantage.

Finally, Daniel, being the mama’s boy that he is, runs home to protect his Mommy, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) from Tyler.  Because she is such a defenseless woman.  He’s actually done Emily a favor by choosing his mother first.  Her mentor, Satoshi (Hiroyuki Sanada), is correct about him.  He is so disgusted with her lack of focus that he leaves, telling her he can no longer help her.  Yes, Emily, now is probably a smart time to start thinking about your recent choices… If things weren’t bad enough for Emily, first deserted by her boyfriend, then deserted by her mentor, she gets royally dumped by her one ally, Nolan, for betraying his confidence about the sex tape to Daniel.  Because she used a secret of Nolan’s and lied about it to Daniel (how could Tyler be blackmailing him really?  the recording was on Nolan’s portable Dolphin drive, not anything of Tyler’s), so Daniel could take that information and hurt Tyler.  Yes, part of that move was also to punish Nolan for not being completely loyal to Emily, and to get rid of Tyler in her own way, but it was also to help Daniel.  And she just did something anyone in warfare shouldn’t do:  take her eyes off the ball.

In the coming episodes, it seems Emily will have to refocus her efforts.  And get to see her next mark will be Victoria’s new divorce attorney, the man dropped her father’s appeal case.  I am wondering whose help she will employ because right now, she doesn’t even have Sammy, her dog.

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