Revenge “Suspicion” episode review: when Emily loses control of her game…

21 Dec

When you make friends but use them as strategic alliances, it is sometimes difficult to remember that you must act as if you are their friend. That you actually care about them and their feelings. Because they are under the mistaken impression you actually like them and want them as your friend. What Emily (Emily VanCamp) begins to see clearly in this episode of Revenge is that at some point, those strategic alliances will break down. Because honestly, you don’t give a rat’s ass about that person. Not really. You only care if they can help you with your endgame. If they can’t, why keep them around? But like some communicable diseases, Emily is learning that Faux Amanda (Margarita Levieva) will not go away, no matter what she tries.

The most interesting thing that happens in this episode is the beginning breakdown of friendship between Faux Amanda and Emily.  SPOILER ALERT:  What’s worse is that Faux Amanda reveals herself to Jack (Nick Wechsler) as the Real Amanda.  He believes her and thinks he has found his lost love.  This seems to deeply infuriate Emily but she doesn’t want to consciously admit it.  While she continues her relationship with Daniel (Joshua Bowman), she does watch as the Faux Relationship blossoms and I’m sure if Emily has anything to do with it, Faux Amanda, with the secret continuing label of frenemy, will become Emily’s full-fledged enemy.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) begins to lose his grip on Tyler (Ashton Holmes), who stole his credit card for a shopping spree.  He does gather some intel on him:  he discovers Tyler found Lydia’s (Amber Valletta) speech and that Lydia actually was going to reveal that Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) were responsible for the downed airline flight David Grayson went to prison for.  Nolan also manages to cause Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) to see him in a lip lock with Tyler.  Unfortunately, Ashley forgives Tyler.  I can’t wait to see Tyler go down.  I will say this about him: it is fun to hate him.

In the least compelling part of the storyline, young Declan (Connor Paolo) only manages to faux blackmail Victoria for $25,000.  I don’t know if Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) should be more insulted that her mother got off at Walmart blackmail prices or her boyfriend is so daft he didn’t start the bargaining at $1,000,000.  If I was worth that much and my boyfriend was willing to sell me out for $25,000, I would be having second thoughts.

Finally, Emily decides to call in reinforcements in the form of Satoshi Takeda (Hiroyuki Sanada), an ally of her father’s, who thinks Daniel’s an idiot and Emily is off her game.  She is off her game.  Nolan is focusing more on sex with a bi- conman and Faux Amanda has officially gone out of control.  And…. Emily hasn’t even taken anybody down for more than two weeks.  She needs to refocus her efforts or she will end up becoming a pawn in her own game.  Of course, that could be more interesting than what’s been going on the last couple of weeks so I say bring it on…

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