Once Upon a Time: “The heart is a lonely hunter” episode review

11 Jan

I have had a few female friends who are as deranged as the Evil Queen so this particular episode was particularly intriguing. This is especially true since women, in particular, can sometimes be petty and unforgiving at times. And those women usually don’t stop until they’ve destroyed anyone they think is a threat to them. I guess some people don’t realize it is healthier to let things go and get on with their lives. At least in television drama, I suppose it is better that the deranged people hold onto their grudges. It makes for good drama.


Graham (Jamie Dornan) is determined to prove to Emma (Jennifer Morrison) that he is not in love with Regina (Lana Parrilla), nor does he want to be aligned with her any longer. He gets drunk, grabs Emma, kisses her and suddenly flashes back to his life as The Huntsman. He remembers his companion, a wolf, which he starts seeing in Storybrooke.

Graham/The Huntsman was hired by the Evil Queen to assassinate Snow White because apparently she told a secret of the Queen’s which ‘hurt her.’ Since the Evil Queen still possessed all her limbs, I can’t believe she was hurt as badly as she perceived but… who knows, maybe we will all hate Snow White by the time Once Upon a Time is finished with us. The Huntsman discovers he can’t kill Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) because her heart is pure so he lets her go and kills a stag in her place, presenting the Queen with the substitute heart. She isn’t fooled. She gets her revenge by tearing out The Huntsman’s heart and placing it in a box then keeping him her slave for eternity. If he defies or disobeys her then she’ll crush his heart and that will be it for the Huntsman.

Back in Storybrooke, Graham remembers his past as the Huntsman with the help of Henry’s storybook, his old friend the Wolf and Emma. He tries to locate his heart but fails. Regina finds him and Emma searching her father’s mausoleum. Graham dumps Regina, Emma and Regina get into a girl fight and Regina ends up alone at her father’s grave. But she has the last laugh because as Graham is whispering sweet nothings to Emma, or at least telling her how grateful he is to know his past, Regina is crushing his heart until it’s dust and he dies in Emma’s arms. No happily ever after in Storybrooke as yet. Evil Queen 2, Emma 0.

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